Will Your Ex Forget About You During No Contact

Taking a Relationship Break – Eye Opener Advice

Are you taking a relationship break? Whether you have been in a long term relationship that has run its course or you are currently in a relationship and just want some ‘me’ time again, you are not alone in the matter!

Grown Boys

There is a difference between a grown boy and a grown man. Although it sounds very clear, many people cannot tell the difference when it comes to relationships. For so long, many women have allowed men to tell them what they can and can’t do, what they can and can’t wear, where they can and can’t go, and who they can and can’t be friends with.

How to End a Bad Date Quickly

There’s no doubt you won’t be able to tell just how your date will go. There’s always the chance that things can go badly, and you’ll find yourself out for dinner with someone whom you just can’t stand to be around with for much longer. You will then realize that you want to hatch up an escape plan to cut the night short and not make it any worse than it already is. You simply don’t want to be rude to your date, because you don’t want to disappoint the friend that set the both of you up. There’s also the possibility that your date is a very nice person, but you just don’t see yourself hitting it off with them in any way other than just being a friend or, at the very least, an acquaintance. However, if you really want to put such a bad date to an end, below are some tips that you may consider.

How to Understand Women and Make Them Want You

Frankly, it’s not your fault. We are ALL still learning how to understand women. Men are programmed for that kind of behavior. How many movies have you seen where the romantic lead wins the girl by professing his undying love? Probably a few. And if you’ve watched those kinds of flicks with a woman, you’ve surely noticed how emotional she gets.

What Do Girls Want? A Guide to Understanding Women

The truth is…most every woman you meet will test you and play some kind of mind game. It may be so subtle that you don’t even know it. Typically, they are looking for a specific emotional reaction that THEY are trying to create in themselves or in YOU!

How Do You Get a Girlfriend? Learn the Secrets of Attracting a Girl!

I had to sit down! I was literally SPEECHLESS! Here he was on a romantic beach holding hands with a gorgeous girl who would have totally melted in his arms if he had tried to kiss her. But instead of kissing her he shows her pictures of his dog!

Is Christian Mingle A Good Dating Site To Use?

You might be thinking about joining the popular Christian dating website called Christian Mingle. We all know more and more people are turning to the internet to find love in their area. Let’s take a look and see if Christian Mingle is a site to try.

How to Get Girls

99% of ALL men make up excuses why they can’t approach a beautiful woman. Instead they settle for the kind of woman they THINK they can get! So instead of trying they walk away! Be honest…is that YOU?

Choosing to Be Single

Provocative questioning article that asks why people are falling away from relationships and opting for computer dates with several different people per week. Why are we not willing to look inside ourselves, get in touch with all of who we are, and share that with another?

Attraction Signs From Women: 3 Easy Ways To Find Out If She’s REALLY Interested In You

My 3 favorite attraction signs from women are extremely powerful, because you’ll never have to guess about whether a woman is ‘into you’. You’ll flat-out KNOW, and you’ll know quick. Now, why am I saying ‘favorite’? Well, the 3 signals I’m about to share with you can be spotted in complete silence.

3 Male Attraction Signals That Show He’s Attracted To You

Do you find it difficult to tell if a guy is into you or not? This is because male attraction signals are often indirect and confusing. This uncertainty will only make it more difficult to recognize these signs.

5 Female Attraction Signals That Show She’s Interested In You

Women send out female attraction signals, consciously or not. A guy just has to be observant and sensitive to tell which ones show how interested a lady is. Here are 5 signs to watch out for.

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