Why Women Have Sex

How to Attract Women With the Power of Your Mind

You can create powerful attraction with the power of your mind. Use this responsibly to attract hot women and make them want you.

Things to Consider When Dating a Single Mother

Nothing is sexier than watching a woman clean her young child’s throw up off of her low cut tank top. Now if you can get past that visual, lets talk about how incredible sexy and amazing dating a single mother can be for you. Single mothers deserve love. The thing is, that it really takes a certain kind of man to date a single mother.

The Internet Is The World’s Number One Intimacy Killer

Do you remember the good old days? When you actually had to seduce a woman with words in person. So How do the Internet and Intimacy relate to one another? The only thing that these two things have in common is the the first three letters (the “i-n-t”) of their names. The Internet is the number one intimacy killer in the world.

7 Things You Need To Do To Be Attractive To The Opposite Sex

Is it me or does it seem like every single day a celebrity will say something so stupid that you wonder how they ever became a celebrity in the first place? Jessica Simpson is single, which I’m sure excites a lot of you guys out there.

Dating Tips: The Best Kisses – Women’s Guidelines for You!

A kiss can make or break you in the eyes of a woman. You want to make sure she remembers you for all the right reasons and not the bad. Make sure you will be praised rather than at the butt end of her jokes as her and her girlfriends recap your night out! We’ve searched, and asked what makes a girl get that sweep me off my feet type kiss that she wished would never end. Read on to find out exactly what drives them wild, and what you probably should think twice about before doing the next time you go in for the kill!

How To Make Guys Want You: Learn The Get-That-Guy Three Step Process

Want to know how to make guys want you? Here is a three step procedure.

Tips And Tricks To Approaching Women And Getting Their Numbers In 5 Minutes Flat

You may not have had much experience (or luck, as some might say) with approaching women, or even taking them out on a date. But believe it or not, as Will Smith’s character in the movie “Hitch” said, “Any man has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet.” No words ever rang truer; all you need is the right words to say and knowing when to say them. If you’ve struggled with approaching women and with trying to get their numbers, you may want to read the rest of this article.

Looking Good and Smelling Good for Your Date

Whether you are just coming out of one of the longest relationships you have ever been in or are looking to get into your first one, there are some dating tips that you will need to have on your side to make things happen. Make no mistake about it the first thing a woman uses to decide whether or not they are going to get into a long term relationship with you is the way you are dressed. Buy clothes that enhance your looks and keep updating your closet.

Dating Guide After Your Last Failed Relationship

If you have just said goodbye to your old relationship or you are single and want to say hello to a new long term relationship then you will have to know that there are some things that have to be done to make it all a reality. First and foremost it is time for you to take a second look at your wardrobe and decide what has to go and what has to stay. The first thing that will help you win over a woman is the way that you are dressed.

How to Impress a Girl?

Well, one day you’re walking down the street and all of a sudden you see a beautiful, gorgeous girl. You being a single guy see that beautiful girl and you are in a process of thoughts and one of those million thoughts contains a question- How to impress this girl? Now for a guy this is a really a tough task and in his thought process, he does not know how to buy out of such situations and make this task, an easy one.

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone For Your Date

Going out on a date with someone new is something that can prove to be challenging for almost each and every one of us. The difference is that it is much more difficult for some people than for others. Try and fathom how difficult it must be for an introvert who is always adamant about leaving his comfort zone.

How To Attain The Confidence To Meet Women

Believe it or not, the biggest problem that men (a reported 80 percent) have when trying to meet women has nothing to do with their looks, nor does it have anything to do with the size of their bank accounts. Neither does it have anything to do with cheesy pick-up lines. The problem lies in their confidence, or rather, lack of it.

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