Why Girls Put You In The Friend Zone Even When There Is Chemistry

Texting An Ex Back Into Your Life

Do you want your ex back? Find out how you can text her back into your life. A few simple text messages is all it takes to get her to love you again.

Stop Trying to Fill the Void In Your Life With a Woman

There are many men out there who have only one goal in mind – to find a woman who will complete them. Of course, most of them aren’t looking for “miss right” with this pattern of thought. But subconsciously, this is exactly what’s happening.

How Can I Attract Women? A Question by a Nice Guy

Whenever there is talk about attracting quality women into your life, most guys are baffled by this idea. They just don’t know how to do it. Usually the question many guys ask will sound like…

How to Avoid Losing Yourself In a Relationship

Are you concerned that you might be giving up too much in your relationship? Are you wondering how to maintain your independence when you meet a new man you like? Read on for a few tips on how to be a strong, assertive woman even in a relationship.

How to Kiss a Guy

Are you looking for a few tips on how to up your game when it comes to kissing a guy? This article may be just what you were hoping for!

5 Flirting Text Messages That Will Make Her Reply Right Away

Knowing the type of flirting text messages that actually work with women is incredibly important if you want to succeed in the dating world in the long run. After all, the right kinds of flirting text messages can make women feel special and will, in turn, make them want to see you again as soon as possible.

How to Keep a Woman Interested in You Through Text

Men may think women are hard to figure out, which is why a lot of them get intimidated to approach them. If you are one of them and you want to know how to keep a woman interested in you through text, then you should rid yourself of that notion and just know that all it takes to build up attraction is to get to know a woman. Attraction comes from excitement, and this is exactly what you should learn to text a woman you like so that she’ll find you interesting and would want to see you again.

What to Avoid When Flirting With SMS

While you may think you already know everything about what to text a woman you like, it is important to also note the things you should not be, when texting a woman you like. Men and women approach texting in different ways, so you might want to take a look at the things you should be avoiding in order for you to remain on her good side when flirting with SMS.

What to Text a Girl You Want to Go Out With

Sure, you’ve been a Casanova at getting numbers, but have you actually gone around to turning any of them to dates? If you’ve been having trouble with that next step, then here are some fresh ideas on what to text a girl: 1. Mention something familiar.

How Your Funny Texts Can Lead to a Date

Ever heard of the quote, “If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything”? This is exactly why you want to humor a girl you just met, because it creates a good first impression. And just as any first impressions go, the first text you send to a girl you just met will determine how she will respond to you later on. So, make her laugh and have her thinking of good thoughts about you. Here are some ideas to get you started with your funny texts:

Avoiding Texting Patterns to Make Her Like You

Nothing is more exciting to a woman than a man who keeps his mystery. If you are planning to text a girl you like to make her like you, keep in mind that you don’t want to divulge too much information too soon. Get rid of your habit of texting a girl 10 times in a row. Texting her more than once will not make her reply any time soon, if she really isn’t available to reply. Also, sharing too much about yourself will take away the excitement of getting to know you more later on. Texting is there to keep you in her mind and to make sure she is constantly thinking about you. Save all the good conversations for when you meet in person.

How to Start a Text With a Girl – Eliminate the Creep Factor

If you find yourself sitting in your room more often than not, just staring at your mobile phone and thinking about texting the hot girl who gave you her phone number a few nights ago, then you need to learn how to start a text with a girl as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is pretty easy for guys to mess up while learning how to start a text with a girl, leading them to say things that girls might interpret the wrong way through text. The good news is that texting isn’t rocket science, so all you…

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