Why Empaths Attract Narcissist (Toxic People)

How To Get A Man: Being Sensitive

If you’re hoping to learn how to get a guy, you’re going to have to know how to be sensitive. When a guy looks at a woman, from his unique perspective, one of the key things he sees is how sensitive you are. It can truly be a pass or fail characteristic.

How To Get A Guy: Who To Avoid

Once you’ve done your research about how to get a guy, it’s common to want to put all that you’ve learned in action. However, you must be careful! Below are three types of guys that you should stay clear of while in the dating scene.

How To Get A Guy: 5 Secrets

Even if you are tired of dating, try not to give up. There is someone out there just for you.

How To Get A Guy: Flirting Tips

When you’re trying to figure out how to get a guy, wouldn’t it be easier to just to have a list of flirting techniques in your purse? Well, use this simple list to make your Friday night a little easier while out on the prowl.

Why Choose Asian Ladies As Life-Long Companions?

Asian women are becoming more and more popular in modern dating market. After all, what make them so unique? This article will give the you the definite answer.

Pearls of Wisdom Series 7: How to Properly Break UP

You just met the guy/gal of your dreams. Too bad your significant other isn’t him/her. What are you supposed to do? You want to be honest, but at the same time be nice. Luckily, I’ve devised a system anyone can use to break up the right way.

Understanding Male Psychology – What Makes Him Want You, Or Not

What is it about a woman that makes a man want her? You really wish you had the answer to that question, don’t you? Perhaps there have been times within your life that you felt you had men all figured out but then inevitably something happens and you realize they’re still nothing but a puzzling mystery to you.

Crucial Matters Older Guys Have to Know in Dating Younger Ladies

The leading questions in the minds of older men dating younger women are the following: How tricky would it be to seduce a significantly younger girl? What do women want in a guy? Can a younger lady truly love a far older guy or is she just after his bucks?

I Am Heartbroken – Can I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back?

After a break up you might be left wondering “can I get my ex boyfriend back?” Maybe the relationship ended on good terms and you two are still friends. Maybe it was a dramatic split and he has broken off all contact with you. Whatever the circumstances, there are things you can do to help get your ex boyfriend back.

Tips for Skiing Singles Looking for Skiing Dates

Skiing and snowboarding for the general populace are usually not team sports. You don’t need a partner to enjoy it (in fact most couples are of different levels and preferences and are often left on your own – and that’s not counting the couples with a non-skiing partner!) and it’s a highly sociable environment to enjoy off the slopes as well. Similarly, for skiing singles and riders s it’s often difficult to find someone compatible with your ability and personality.

Is Time Running Out to Find My Husband: Should Marriage-Minded Women Settle?

Have you ever felt like you should just settle for Mr. He’ll-Do-For-Now? Would you be able to tell if you were indeed settling? Have your friends told you that you’re too picky? Are you fearful that you might have to give up on your dreams because your biological clock is ticking and you’re running out of options?

How to Successfully Go Through a Blind Date

Do not think of yourself as being unlucky or misfortunate just because you have been forcefully been made a part of a blind date. Because in fact, this is one of the most interesting ways of meeting new people and imagine all the wonderful stories that you can share with your friends and family down the line of how you met the love of your life, but given that the date works out.

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