Who Plays More Games…Men Or Women?

Why Haven’t I Gotten Married Yet – The Factors of Being Single

Have you ever wondered why most of your friends have already been married? Did you ever ask yourself, why haven’t I gotten married yet? Is it because of your standards, your priorities, or it’s your man that keeps you single for the longest time? Single blessedness is something that most of us, women, don’t want to be in. But with things that we are busy with, it seems that we are not making opportunities for a married life.

How to Kiss Well – Going for the Kill

Have you been dreaming of being kissed so passionately by the guy you love? Or, you just want to kiss the hottest guy in school? How was your first kiss? Kissing is one of the most romantic physical activities that two people can be engaged at. Aside from the actual love making, kissing is a form of expressing one’s love, desire or admiration for someone.

How to Date a Guy – Dating Basics

Are you so conscious when you are with a guy you like? How do you respond to a guy if he asks you out for a date? But, are you all nervous when a guy you like come up to you and asks you to date him? Going out on a date with the guy we like is almost a prayer answered by the One up there in heaven. We do everything to look good. We sometimes take extra care of our actions and words so as not to mess up the night.

Fear of Being Rejected – How to Overcome Rejection

Was there a time when you were turned down by a girl you really liked? Have you ever experience being left by an ex- girlfriend? Have you ever been ignored by a girl that you have approached? Some people get over these easily, but others end up having a great fear of rejection. The fear of being rejected can cause major psychological issues leaving the rejected broken and distant from people around him.

Getting Over Your Ex – How To Move On Easily

Got your heart broken by someone you love? Don’t know how to cope with it? Did you know that you are not the only one who is feeling that way? Contrary to the popular belief, men also do struggle when it comes to break ups. It’s very hard for get through it. As a matter of fact, men are more prone to insanity when a relationship ends. Some even becomes a beast or turns cold. They even have a phobia when it comes to serious commitments. That’s the reason why some of them become players.

Love Pick-Up Lines – Why Do Men Say Them?

Do think that love pick-up lines really work? Do you want to know why love pick-up lines are being used? Are these love pick-up lines necessary? Love pick-up lines are cheesy and sometimes they appear corny. But these do wonders to women. That is the reason why men seem to these all the time. These are other reasons why men use them on girls.

She’s Into You – Signs That She Has the Hots for You

Do you ever wonder if she really likes you or she’s just being nice? Do you think she is flirting but never said anything about being interested in you? Women would usually give you mixed signals. Since they are naturally unpredictable, you should learn how to determine if she likes you or not. Unfortunately, we cannot read minds but we can tell if she’s into you from these signs.

To Ask Someone Out – Simple Steps to Get the Date

Are you dying to have a date with her but you just can’t? Do your cheeks turn red before you can even ask the question? Are you sweating when you are with her? Can’t you find the right words to let her know you want to ask her out on a date? You can do something about it!

To Impress a Girl – Make Her Adore You

Do you really know what it takes to impress a girl? Does this question seem tough? Are you aware that some of the things that you do to impress a girl actually do not? You should learn the basics on how to impress a girl.

How to Be Seductive to Your Boyfriend – Here Are the Right Methods You Can Use Right Now

Seduction in today’s world has become a lost art but with little bit of practice you can master it and make your dating experience an exciting one. If you want to know how to be seductive, find out right here.

How to Be a Tempting Woman to Men – Exploit the Many Talents and Attributes You’re Endowed With

Most men are attracted by certain specific attributes a woman has to her credit, but you should know that all men are different and have different requirements and needs or are attracted differently. Each woman can make herself tempting by exploiting her endowments.

How to Ask a Man for His Number? Learn the Art of Getting It Without Looking Desperate

There is this guy you have come across and got smitten by him. You know in your mind that you want to establish contact and get to know him better. Now you can’t just walk up to him and ask for his number for the danger of appearing unfeminine. Here is how you can go about your job with better chances of success.

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