What Should I Do During No Contact? | 5 Things to Focus On Instead of Your Ex

How to Ask a Guy Out That You’ve Been Eyeing for Years – The Key to Your Success Would Be Courage

Though years have gone by, you’ve not been able to gather courage to ask this guy out even though you’ve been eyeing him for years. But if you’re serious about this guy then you have to gather up courage. This is your key to success.

How Not to Act Desperate Around My Boyfriend? Useful Tips to Make You Strong Around Him

You are so much in love with your boyfriend and want to be with him all the time and crave his attention all your waking hours. Men find a desperate and clingy behaviour from any woman plain loathsome. So, relax a bit and follow these simple tips to enhance your relationship.

An Inexpensive Dating Guide

People who have a limited income cannot think of spending liberally while on dates. But, there are ways in which without spending a lot a person can have an enjoyable time with his date. There are several ideas.

Tips On How To Date A Lady

Dating a beautiful lady can be a wonderful experience. But there are some things that you should to know. If you are a single guy and you want to improve your luck with ladies, don’t try so hard to qualify for her. It can be a short relationship…

Can a Marriage License Search Save You Years of Agony?

Let me elaborate, a wonder co-worker of mine set me up with a fellow church goer at her congregation. We hit it off right away, which was weird to me because all the other blind dates I had gone on were borderline horror stories. At the end of the date I Facebooked that I had a wonderful time and many of my friends were anxious that I finally had a winner after telling them the horror stories of a 38 year old man trying to get back on the saddle.

Stop The Dating Time Wasters And Go Out And Pick A Winner

A man walks into a nightclub with a couple of his friends. He spots a young lady at the bar and proceeds to walk over and introduce himself. As he approaches her, she gives him a cold glare and looks away. The gentleman doesn’t notice her reaction and says, “Excuse me but may I buy you a drink?” As she glances over him, she snaps, “I’m sorry but I’m not interested”.

How To Overcome Speed Dating Jitters in 5 Easy Steps

This year has been a nightmare for you in the dating department. Last weekend was your last night hanging out at a bar… or so you told yourself. You’re also tired of clicking through online dating profiles. Earlier this week, a couple of your friends attended a local speed dating event and loved it. As a matter of fact, you personally know a couple that met at an event and now they are engaged. You’d love to go too, but you’re a shy person and have a bad case of stage fright.

How Do You Know If a Guy Wishes to Date You? 7 Signs to Crack His Secret Code Right Away

When a man wants to date you then he sends certain signals. Here are some of the signs that will help you know that he likes you and wants to ask you out on a date.

How Do You Know If a Guy Will Eventually Want to Marry You? A Sharp Woman Can Decipher Men

So long as a relationship is in the primary stages a woman hasn’t a care. But as time wears on she begins to get nervy about the question of marriage. This invariably keeps popping up in her mind causing anxiety. Learn to decipher his actions and behavior.

How Do I Get My Man to Be Super Excited About Me – Here’s the Way to Keep Him Hooked

If you think that your relationship is falling into the rut of routine then you need to wake up and take some action to make it lively and exciting so that your man is super excited about you. Here are some wonderful tips that will bring back the excitement in your relationship and make your man excited about you.

Does Being Unavailable Really Makes a Guy Miss You? Learn How to Use This to Your Advantage

When you want to play hard and become unavailable so that your guy to misses you, you have to keep in mind a few things. To make this very effective strategy a success here are a few pointers to play this move right.

Does Having Sex With a Guy Early on Make Him Lose Respect for You? Read These Tips Now

This is not an easy question to answer and the fact is this depends from person to person. While this is not a kind of a question the answer to which can be generalised as every women who has gone through this experience will have her own story and point of view. However, there are some factors that can be generalised. Here are the most common of them.

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