Use THIS Test To See If She’s Thinking About You

Intimacy: What Does Intimacy Mean To You?

While there can be general meanings to words, there can also be personal meanings to words and intimacy is no different in this respect. Intimacy is generally described as what occurs when one person is close to another. And although one can be close to friend’s, family or colleagues for example; when one thinks of intimacy, it usually relates to someone of the opposite sex.

Should You Be Friends With Your Ex?

No. You shouldn’t remain friends with your ex. Obviously, you also shouldn’t plot to destroy them, unless that’s your thing, but remaining ‘friends’ with them makes you look weak.

The Importance of Journaling Your Dating Life

Having a journal and tracking down your moments with women is a very important tool that will help you improve your dating life. Check out why exactly this action will help improve your life with women at a fast rate.

Relationship Tips For Dating An Older Woman

Does age difference really matter in a relationship? With the way the media publicizes and glorifies age gap relationships, why then is it still considered taboo to love an older woman? In fact, in today’s society dating older men is more acceptable than dating what we call “cougars.” When you ask men who dated or are dating an older woman why they do it, they will give so many reasons, which could leave others with a positive outlook that, “yes, dating an older woman is much more adventurous and worth it.”

Dating Advice for Women: Men’s Top 5 Pet Peeves About Women

If you ask most men what their biggest pet peeves are where women are concerned, you might get myriad answers, ranging from their dislike of our mood swings, to our need for non-stop conversation. I polled over 2,000 men and asked them to name their top five biggest pet peeves when it came to women. Some were expected, others… not so much. Here’s what they said…

Tips and Secrets To Your Relationship

Everyone knows the image of the couple walking down the beach hand and hand watching the sunset. Perfect, right? Wrong. No relationship is perfect, everyone needs help sometimes. Here are some solid relationship tips that will keep your marriage healthy and strong.

The Secret to Making Him Notice You

There is one big secret to capturing a guy’s attention. Do you know what it is?

Are We Dating or Just Hooking Up?

Are you in a casual sex relationship that you want to take to the next level? Have you been hooking up with a guy but you’re not sure if he wants more? Here are some ways to handle the situation.

How to Get Your Ex Girl Back – 7 Must-Know Tips to Remember

Wondering how to get your ex girl back? A lot of men are unsure when trying to win back their ex. They don’t know where to start, what to do, and are afraid of rejection.

Attain Dating Success – Dating Tips for Men Over 40

Most people have this mind-set that being single and over 40 is very unfortunate. You may think that you are too old to date if you are over 40 but you will be surprised to know that many women are actually open with the idea of dating older men and of course those women do not only include older women but also include younger women. It is not impossible to attain dating success if you are above forty.

Chinese Women Waiting for Mr Right

Even as China becomes more open to western influence and moves ever forward, its society, particularly members of the older generations, still cling to many traditional norms. More often than not, their persistent attachment to certain traditions clashes strongly with modern realities. Such is the case with the traditional expectations for women to get married as soon as they reach marrying age and at the earliest possible time.

Seven Secrets To Start Dating Wealthier Men Now

After being asked countless times how a Cinderella like me, ended up with a wealthy older prince, I’m ready to share my seven best kept secrets. These are all tips that will do nothing but help your journey of finding a wealthy man.

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