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How to Date Younger and Sexier Women

Have you joined the many men who are older now, but dating a younger woman? Have you found yourself single again and wondering about dating a younger woman? A lot of women these days are looking for an older man to date. Have you wondered why? Well, wonder no more, because here are the main reasons why many younger women are looking for that older man.

Complimenting a Woman – 3 Wrong Turns Men Take

Is it wrong to compliment a woman? Is it bad to show your interest or liking for her through compliments? The answer is no, it’s not wrong, but you must be careful. Often a man will do one of three things wrong when trying to flatter the object of his affection. If you’re not careful, your well-intentioned compliment will be taken wrongly and you’re screwed. Here’s where you can go wrong and how to avoid it.

The Method of Touch Seduction – What It Is and How It Works

You want to get a woman in bed with you. If you want any chance of success in this quest, you’ll have to learn touch seduction. Touch seduction is a process of physical contact that gets a woman comfortable with a man. Once this is established, other doors can open.

Dating Advice – 15 Signs She Might Be A Player

Is the girl you’re dating a player? As guys, we know that women can be complicated and tricky. Keep in mind that most women aren’t out to play games, and are just good, well-intentioned girls. However, many guys know all too well that player girls are out there. Could you just be reading into things too much, or could it be that the girl you’re dating might be a player? Here we’ll help you find out if she’s legit, or if she’s not all that she seems.

Dating Tips – 4 Ways to Tell If You Should Break Up or Make Up

If you’ve been dating someone for a long enough, sooner or later you’re going to run into conflict. Well fasten your seatbelts for this adrenaline fueled thrill-ride through the inner workings of the human psyche as we give you four down and dirty ways to tell if it’s time to make up or break up.

Signs He Is Not Right For You

Is he really right for you? 5 signs that he is not right for you.

Dating Advice For Women: How to Make Dating Fun

When you’ve had a few bad relationships or even a few dates that did not results in call-backs on either side, you begin to wonder what’s wrong. If you’re seeking dating advice, especially dating advice for women by men, you’re not alone.

Does He Want to Marry Me? A Guide to Getting Engaged

There are a few surefire signs that your man is in it to win it-and that means winning your hand in marriage. Here are four signs he wants to commit for the long haul.

5 Skills That Turn Women On

Skills are always a turn on. Although it is not possible to impress every women with same things, here you can find five that are most wanted and awarded by women.

How Picking the Wrong Date Can Ruin Your Life

Single women over 30 fear being alone and never finding love in their life. They had a bad marriage in the past and decided not to marry again, but now that they’re older they want a commitment. All their friends and siblings are married so they feel like an outcast. They look into online dating sites thinking the right one is there waiting for them. They look through profiles and find one that catches their attention and want to meet this guy.

How Your New Relationship Affects Your Kids

When a divorced parent starts dating they don’t realize how their new relationship affects their kids. Kids go through trauma when their parents divorce because they’re in a comfort zone with both mom and dad who they love and want to be with. Smaller kids are not affected as much as older ones. They don’t know what’s going on and adapt to a new love in their parent’s live much better. The new guy in your life shows the kids attention and the little ones love it.

What To Talk About With A Girl

Sometimes guys get freaked out wondering what to talk about with a girl. There’s really no need though, as a simple technique can be employed to get great results!

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