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Why Mystery Method And Other Tactics Don’t Work In A College Setting

Here’s a dirty little secret that the gurus didn’t tell you: Structured pick up, a.k.a mystery method, juggler method, speed seduction etc. DO NOT work in a college setting. Bold statement, but I’m about to prove it. You might be a college PUA reading this. Perhaps you may have found that your routine stack may have gotten you excellent results at first. But over time, their impact may have become less and less effective.

Why Do Men Pull Away From Relationships? This Is What He’ll Never Tell You About His Intentions!

Why do men pull away from relationships? By now you have started to notice an irritating occurrence with men: after some time, they’ll start to pull away from the relationship, and he seems to make the best effort to disappear almost completely from your life. What is it that causes men to do this? Here’s what men will never tell you about their intentions, and why they pull away from relationships:

Dating Older Women – 3 Tips For Success

Men traditionally date women younger than themselves, but there’s nothing wrong with dating older women. Here are some points to watch out for.

2011 Dating Tips From the Cinderella Fairytale

Based on the famous Cinderella story, the author tries to compare relationships today and then. Who was happier between Cinderella and her 2 step sisters once they got married? What can we learn from this story if we analyse it further? Did Cinderella really live happily ever after with the prince? The author tries to compare Cinderellas life and gives advice to young girls who are in current relationships.

What to Do If You Know Your Boyfriend Is Cheating, But Don’t Have the Proof

If you meet a guy then you hope that if he falls for you that he is being genuine about it, you certainly don’t expect him to cheat on you. Like all relationships you need to be able to give your trust freely to him, and so long as he does nothing to let you down, that bond will continue to deepen and grow. But what to do if you know your boyfriend is cheating, but don’t have proof? That’s not an…

How To Make A Date Fun And Fascinating And Romantic

I have some bad news. Most guys get the date thing all wrong. If you’re spending all of your time buying her flowers, taking her to dinner, trying to impress her, then you’re actually hurting your chances to be with her. Even worse, while you’re doing all of that, she’s BORED out of her mind.

How To Manage Your Reputation On Campus As A Player

Meeting girls in a university setting is different from meeting girls elsewhere. The biggest difference is that your reputation “floats” around campus after a while. If you’ve “been around the block”, you become engulfed in a thick smog of “sleazy player” and once you’re there, that reputation is hard to shake.

Valentine’s Day Dating Ideas For Teen Couples

Nothing beats to be in love at a very young age. Love is simply around the corner when two teenagers fall in love and are into a relationship together. But it is a given fact that teens can’t spend Valentine’s Day together as luxurious as those who do have work or young professionals.

Why Do Men Lie So Much? 5 Reasons Why Men Feel They MUST Lie In Order To Save The Relationship!

He can never just answer your questions plainly, he dodges certain topics, and he outright lies to you. Sometimes his lies are so obvious, because you KNOW better, yet he still insists on trying to convince you that his lie is true. Why do men lie so much? What’s their deal?

Why Do Men Say “We’re Just Friends”, When They Clearly Want More? 5 Facts On The “Friends Zone”

He tells you that he wants to be with you, and he talks about all kinds of commitment related topics with you. He calls you his “girlfriend” or “fiancee”, and you start to think that he’s going to stick around for the long run! But then after a while some distance grows, and now he’s saying that you’re just friends!

Why Do Men Leave? 7 Hard Hitting Facts On Why Men Choose To Give Up On Your Relationship So Easily!

He says he loves you one minute, and promises that he doesn’t want anyone else; yet the next minute he is running off! Why do men do this, why do men leave, and what makes them always want to bail? Here are the 7 hard hitting facts on why men choose to give up on your relationship so easily:

Why Are Men Afraid To Commit? 4 Reasons Why He Doesn’t Want To Commit To A Relationship With You

While it may appear on the surface that men are afraid of commitment, it goes a lot deeper than that. You see, when a man considers doing something, he does not initially think about how that will make him “feel”, like a woman would.

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