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5 Steps On How to Make Your First Date The Last One

Making your first date the last one takes some planning and preparation. Most singles get tired of one date after another. They’re looking for a relationship but they can’t find the date of their dreams. It’s not impossible you just need to know how to make your first date the last one. People make the worse mistake with blind dates from online dating sites. You’ll never find the perfect date with this dating method, so if you’re tired of the dating scene and want to settle down, you need to think hard on the type of person you want to spend your life with.

Why Dating Too Early After A Break Up Can Hurt You

Dating to early after a break up can hurt you because you’re vulnerable from so much pain, that you want to forget the person that left you. You believe replacing your ex- lover with someone new as fast as possible will take away the pain, but actually it makes it worse. You meet someone comparable to your past love and get involved with him thinking it will erase the memories. You go to an online dating site and meet this guy with no idea of what kind of person he is. This dating method is known to have thousands of fake profiles with phony pictures. They’ve been known to match innocent singles up to criminals, drug users, rapists and con artists.

Best Things to Say to a Girl

Girls will say things to test your mettle, and you must be prepared to answer correctly. This article will prepare you with the best things to say in these situations. Trust me, most guys get this wrong.

How I Stopped Worrying About Rejection and Learned to Approach Women

For most people, approaching a romantic interest is an incredibly awkward and uncomfortable experience. With three key lessons, you can eliminate this awkwardness and act with confidence.

Is He Interested In Dating Me?

How can you tell if he is interested in dating you? 4 signs that he is interested in you.

How To Get What You Want From A Man

Is it possible to get what you want from a man when you are in a long-term relationship? At the beginning of the relationship when the emotions are high the man will usually be quite happy to give you what you want but with time he seems to get more resistant to giving you what you want. How can you get what you want from a man?

Get a Life!

Have you ever heard the saying ‘Get a Life’? You probably heard this directed to a person that was doing something really insignificant or foolish, and they were doing that ‘thing’ because they didn’t have something better or more fun to do. As you can imagine how unattractive this would be, because who would want to join that, something insignificant or foolish?

The Hardest Thing Theory

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to make a decision, but you had two or more options and it was hard to choose. I have been in this situation many times. But when I realized this certain principle ‘The Hardest Thing Theory’ it helped me make decisions much easier and with more confidence, like we talk about in LeadHership.

Don’t Judge Me

Have you ever been in a situation where a girl did something that you wished she didn’t? I have more times than I can remember! I had the mindset if I would point out all the little things that she did wrong, it would make me look better by showing that I wouldn’t do such things. Which in a way that very thing happens, but it doesn’t bring the two of you closer, which was the original goal, but rather it separates and divides the two of you.

Dumped? (Got Dumped?)

So maybe you just had the talk and the two of you are no longer together. I know the feeling and it sucks! Studies suggest the psychological pain of a break up hurts just as much as physical injury. So I know it hurts, and also I know none of my words can make you feel better, but your actions to my words will make you feel better!

Quit Her (How to Dump a Girl)

Okay so she just hasn’t been doing it for ya huh? Or maybe there is someone else? Or you don’t think it will last because of circumstances. Or whatever the case might be, it’s inevitable that you need to quit her. You hear a lot of info on getting a girl but nothing on how to quit her. So here I am stepping up to the plate.

Get Rid of Your Crabby Friends

Have you ever been pressured into doing something that you didn’t want to do or you knew it wasn’t the right thing to do, but you did it anyways because your friends wanted you to? Of course you have, that’s called peer pressure.

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