The Last Thing You Want to Do If Your Boyfriend Breaks Up With You

How Good of a Kisser Are You: A 3-Point Test

Be honest. How good of a kisser are you, really? If you don’t know how to check, other than asking others, you should try the three-point test to find out.

7 Tips On How To Attract Women Without Being Rich, Famous or Drop-Dead Gorgeous

These tips on how to attract women will greatly increase your chances of being successful with dating. You don’t need to be rich, famous or good-looking to put them into practice.

How You Can Make Women Want You Fast – Even If You Don’t Like Approaching Them

Look. You attract more women. All you need is a simple strategy. Read this article now, to find out how to make women crazy about you – even if you don’t say a word.

Why Do Guys Act So Desperate?

What is it about a women that makes a guy act so desperate. Last night I was taking to a close female friend of mine. She told me a story of how she had gone to the mall and while she was walking through the stores a guy walks up to her and says “excuse me, but I think your so beautiful” She laughs and says “thank you.”

3 Guaranteed Methods on How To Approach Girls

If you’re looking for the strategies on how to approach girls, you’ve come to the right place! Over the years I’ve received so many questions on this topic, so I’ve decided to put together a list of the most frequently asked questions so that they could be of great benefit to all men who are seeking success in their dating life.

Separated on Valentine’s Day: How to Enjoy Your Day Apart

There are various reasons why a couple might find themselves spending romantic days like Valentine’s Day away from each other. Couples that happen to be part of a long-distance romantic relationship, business travels, work-shifts which unfortunately stop couples from simply being with each other, illness as well as family member emergencies are just a couple of examples of main reasons why a couple might find themselves encountering Valentines Day away from each other. While you may feel unhappy and lonesome, there are options to make your day much more enjoyable.

Do Older Men Want to Date With Younger Women?

Don’t take it for granted because it is not a rule that young girls will only prefer to love or date guys of their own age. In fact most of younger girls prefer to date men who are older. The main reason behind this is the sense of maturity in older men as compared to younger ones. Young girls like to feel safe in the arms of a mature person who can give them a sense of security. Due to this reason, you will find that usually younger girls are usually not attracted to younger boys but they find it more interesting to find the company of an experienced person.

Tips To Attract Women – Do Looks Really Matter?

As a dating coach I get this a lot. Don’t worry I used to be the same. I always thought to my self that to attract women you would have to be super handsome looking.

The No 1 Mistake Men Make When They Are With Women!

This is probably the most common mistake that guys make when it comes to attracting women. This just does the opposite. Here is what not to do when you are with a woman!

The Most Overlooked Way To Meeting More Women Everyday!

Here is how you find more women every single day in your life! BREAK YOUR ROUTINE! You heard me!

The Easiest Way To Tell A Woman You Are Interested In Her!

A great smile will tell a woman a lot about you: you’re sociable, you are friendly, and you’re happy. Smiling is easy and effective with women. It will put a woman at ease, and she won’t feel threatened by you.

The Easiest Way To Read A Woman’s Body Language!

When a woman is standing, and she is open to advancement, she will often stand with her legs slightly apart. Her arms could be by her side, on her hips, or one hand will probably be holding a drink. She will be relaxed and her movements will flow smoothly.

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