The First 3 Things A Girl Notices About You

Pick Up Girls at a Bar – It’s Not About the Clothes

Many guys who try to pick up girls at a bar go about it all wrong. They concentrate on the wrong things, like expensive clothes. But the clothes most definitely don’t make the man.

How To Use Social Intelligence To Get Women? These Tips Will Help You Become The Dominant Male!

When you are out in public, you have to realize that there are several main factors that help determine exactly how women will perceive you. Women will obviously want a man who has strong masculine qualities, but you should be aware of exactly what defines masculinity to them. We may define certain qualities such as aggressiveness, being rough and tough, and arrogance with being masculine, but this is not necessarily the case.

How to Attract Hot Women at a Party

If you have been wondering about what the fastest way to attract women at a party is, this short article will answer your questions. Use these tips to get a powerful attraction over the other guys at the party.

3 Secrets to Having a Great First Date With a Hot Woman

Are you a bit about the first date with a girl you really like? Here are 3 secrets that will guarantee she will remember you forever.

Why You Should Not Get Too Attached To A Girl – You Need To Read This Before It’s Too Late!

It’s strange how someone who you love very much and who loves you back can bring so much pain and insecurity in your life in spite of not having the slightest bit of animosity towards you. A relationship is something that should enlighten your life and not bring insecurity into it. There are a few common mistakes that should be avoided in order for that to happen.

First Date Impressions – 5 Simple Tips to Help You Dress for A Date

When going for a first date, always go for the color that suits you best. You can also opt for the color black. The color black is perfect for anyone regardless of what size or shape you are, additionally, it spices up your outfit by adding a sense of sexiness and a touch of intrigue into your outfit. If you don’t have any idea what color suits you best, ask your friends and a trusted family member of their honest opinion and fashion advises.

What to Do After a Break Up – Coping With Break Up Is Easy If You Follow These 5 Steps!

Are you wondering what to do after a break up with your boyfriend? A break up can be really hard for anyone and if you are in a long relationship it can be even harder. Coping with break up can take long time for someone and some people even get back together with their ex.

How To Approach Women – Three Simple Step To Success

Approaching women is probably one of men most painful subjects. Most men fear the experience, some are terrified of it and it all because of one small illogical, irrational, misunderstood fear of rejection. Here’s a simple way to demonstrate this fear, next time you are walking outside, walk up to the first woman you see and ask her what the time is…

What Is Dating, Really?

While having a much needed girls’ night with one of my besties, we inevitably transitioned from venting about our work week frustrations to discussing our ever changing and utterly confusing romantic engagements. She is dating a guy who is blatantly in love with her but dances around the topic saying everything but those three little words. They see each other more than once a week, are exclusively sexually involved with one another (which he refers to as making love), and they have plans set as far as six months into the future… however, he does not call her his girlfriend and does not refer to them as dating.

Personalized Romantic Gifts That Will Make Her Feel Like Your Queen

When shopping for gifts for your lady, you always want to add some romanticism when thinking about what to purchase. Your woman will always be happier with a thoughtful romantic gift than some stock gift.

Why Do Men Lose Interest? 3 Things You Should Know About On Why Men Stop Being Interested In You!

You like this guy and think he’s great. You spend a lot of your time trying to impress him and make things work, and things seem to be going great. You spend a lot of great times together; but his interest in you slips, and he loses it. You notice that this happens a lot with men around you, so now you’ve got to ask yourself “why do men lose interest in me?”.

Why Do Men Leave And Come Back? This Will Clearly Explain His Hot And Cold Behavior Toward You

He wants you, then he doesn’t. He comes, then he goes. Does he want you or does he want to end it? Can’t he just make up his damn mind already? Why do men leave and come back? These 5 tips will clearly explain his hot and cold behavior toward you:

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