The Best Women’s Watch for $350 – Seiko SRRY025 Review

12 Stupid Date Activities You Need To Avoid

My own personal view point regarding a date is – you should never go on one. I tend to prefer get-togethers and other pleasant activities, just not dates. But, if you do end up having to go on one, here are some stupid activities that you need to avoid.

What Should You Do About First Date Anxiety?

Going on a first date can be nerve wracking, especially if you have never met that person in real life before! Here are a few tips for easing that first date anxiety and making the most out of your first date.

5 Steps to Applying Your Fashion Savvy to Your Dating Life

Dating would be more fun and result in more successful relationships if we approached selecting a date/mate the same way we approach selecting an outfit. I would bet you can tell just by stepping into a store and quickly scanning the inventory whether or not they have anything you’d like. That’s because, whether you’re a fashionista or, like me, more comfortable in your cowboy boots, jeans, and casual shirts, you’ve spent innumerable hours thinking about your fashion sense.

Why Are Women So Hard to Understand? The 8 Big Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Brains

Most men always believe that understanding women is impossible. What men really need to understand is that we are totally different and, instead of giving up, we should try to embrace the differences and accept women for what they really are, nothing like us. Only then we can use all of this knowledge to our advantage. The following article illustrates the differences between the sexes and explains how we can use these to our advantage.

Pros and Cons of Being in a Relationship

Life works in a very funny way. If you’re not in a relationship all you want is to be in one and once you’re in one, you wish you were single. Now that you’re single, it’s only a little while until you want a relationship again. This article focuses on the Pros and Cons of being in a relationship, regardless of where you are right now (in or out of a relationship), you’ll be able to see what you’re missing, but also what you’re lucky to have. This article is presented trough the eyes of a man.

How To Handle It When He Asks for Space – The Secret Technique

Have you wondered how to handle it when your man asks you for space? Do you dread the word “space”, having heard it many times before? Why do men suddenly need “space” and how do you handle the situation? Yes, you do feel hurt to hear those words, and you have every right to feel that way. It merely means he doesn’t want as much closeness with you. Here’s the Secret Technique to deal with this.

Three Things That Will Score You BIG Points on a First Date – Find Out Here First!

Would you like to know which three things would score you BIG points on a first date? What would make him remember you forever? Have you wondered how to make a killer fist impression that would leave him breathless, and wanting more…and more? Well, my dear one, you sure have come to the right place today! Read on and find out here first, and then, do them over and over! Here they are, the special secrets:

Deal Makers – How Men Check You Out

Would you like to know what standard deal makers are? What makes you girlfriend material right away in his head? Have you often wondered what it is about the first impression he gets of you that stays with him and affects him positively? We assess people at first glance and fist encounter more than ever. Thus, everything counts, how we feel about ourselves, what we wear, how we speak. You are in the right place to find out what the deal makers are for him and what will earn you a place in his heart and keep you there forever. Here goes:

Dating A Fresh Divorcee – Yes or No?

Are you wondering whether you should or should not date a fresh divorcee? Do you know someone recently divorced who is pulling at your heartstrings but something is holding you back? Would you like some insights into this delicate situation? Divorce is becoming more and more common these days. Thus there are many divorcees in the dating pool. Chances are that someone you encounter will have been married before. Here are the insights you have been looking for:

Guarantee A Second Date – How To Make Him Ask You Out Again

Would you like to know how to guarantee a second date? Have you gone out on many a first date and they went well according to you, but that was it? Have you wondered whether there are some secrets that will ensure he comes back for more of wonderful you? You are wonderful; there is no two ways about it! Here’s how to let him know that and fan his flame so he will not be able to resist you! Read these secrets:

The BEST WAYS to Meet Rich Young Men – Find Out Here!

Would you like to know the best ways to meet rich young men? Have you always wanted to date rich men, who are fresh in spirit and age?! Are rich young men exactly your cuppa tea? Everyone has a type and no-one can judge anyone else. Maybe you have it fixed in your head that a rich young man would be perfect for you. Maybe you have been dating poor old men thus far and it hasn’t got you very far! So now, it is time for a change, right? Here’s your guide:

Sagittarius In Love – His Horoscope for 2012

Would you like to know all about the Sagittarius man in love? Are you in love with a man born under this sign and would like to know more about him? Have you often wondered what it would be like to date a Sagi man? Well, you sure have come to the right place to gain these insights…and more! Read on!

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