The Best Women’s Watch for $350 – Seiko SRRY025 Review

Attract the Best Men For Your Personality Type – Dating Advice For Women

What type of man will complete you? And how will you know when you’ve found him? Discovering your own personality type is a start.

Caught Between An Ex and a New Possibility

Yesterday, one of my clients reached out to me. In our sessions, we have been releasing the hurt, disappointment and anger at the man she loves. We’ve helped ease the pain of missing him, too. She is diligently working on her daily gratitude project.

How to Know He Is Ready to Commit

Does he want to commit? You ask yourself this quite often. And in your relationship, you’re really not sure. This article will list ways you can tell he’s ready to commit.

How to Ignite Her Desire With a Single Word

Do you know how to ignite her desire with a single word?   Well, you can, and it’s a very simple word.   The word is: we.

Dating Tips For Shy Guys: Getting A Woman’s Phone Number

There’s a lot of dating tips out there, but not many dating tips for shy guys. This article will show you exactly how to get a woman’s phone number the easiest way. You will not fail if yo do as it says. You will walk away actually feeling better than before.

Five Questions For Seeking A Chinese Wife Online

When you want to choose a life-partner, nobody wants to make a wrong choice. However, with the as high as 50% divorce rate a lot of people make serious mistakes with regard to choosing their life partner. According to the advisors from this Chinese dating site, if you want to seek a perfect and happy marriage with a Chinese wife, you first ask yourself the following five questions…

Are You a Drive by Talker?

Do you know what a drive-by talker is? It’s usually when a woman is walking a dog, you see her coming from a distance, you look at the dog and you think to yourself, what can I say?

How to Steal Her Away From Him

There she is. The super-hot babe in the corner of the bar. We all see her.

How to Tell If a Woman Is Sexually Attracted to You – 3 Hot Clues

Have you often wondered how to figure out whether a woman likes you? Are you often baffled about women’s feelings towards you? Would you like to be able to read the opposite sex with ease? You have surely come to the right place! Here’s how to be an expert in telling whether a woman likes you. Bear these clues in mind.

How to Read Her Mind – The Magic Formula of Non-Verbal Clues

Would you like to be able to easily read her mind? Do you wish there was a magic formula by which you could tell if a woman likes you or wants space? Have you had experiences that embarrass you to even think of and you would like to never go through them again? Find out the secrets to telling whether a woman is interested in you. Here’s how:

Is She Ready to Be Kissed – Do This Before Getting Slapped

How many times have you gone out on a date and spent precious time wondering whether a woman is ready to be kissed? Have you moved in for the kill, only to be left kissing air? Would you like to reduce and eliminate such embarrassing scenarios for good? The way to do that would be to read this article and arm yourself with the knowledge of how to tell when a woman is ready to be kissed. Here goes:

How To Get Him To Call More Often

Do you find yourself often sitting by the phone waiting and hoping he will call? Do you wish you could get him to call more often? Do you plan your day around his phone calls, making sure you’re always available at the time when he usually calls? If you’re tired of waiting for the phone to ring, there are a few things you can do to get him to call more often.

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