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Dating Advice – First Date Don’ts

There are a lot of do’s and don’ts on the first date, but I’ve narrowed it down to the best of the best. These 7 simple first date tips will help you get a great handle on how to handle things.

How to Get a Boyfriend in 10 Days – Fast and Effective Ways to Get a Man

For single women who want a boyfriend right this instant, how to get a boyfriend in 10 days is a popular topic. They want to know fast and effective ways to snag a man so they can say goodbye to their single life. Look no further because here are the tips you’ve been waiting for!

5 Effective Tips to Help You Get a Boyfriend Fast

Are you romantically challenged, getting over a break up, or tired of being single and you want to get a boyfriend fast! You’re done moping around, you’re over your ex, and you finally realized that you deserve someone better. Or maybe your professional life is on the way. You have the best girlfriends, but sometimes you ache to know what it’s like to feel loved and have a special man in your life.

Top Tips For Over 40 Dating

Over forty and looking for that special someone? Dating over 40 can be a challenging prospect, especially for those of us with careers, kids and a house to take care of. Wish, pray and daydream all you like; Mr or Mrs Perfect isn’t going to simply fall out of the sky!

My 7 Excellent Strategies For How To Find A Girlfriend – A Must See!

Nowadays there are many guys out there that are having problems trying to meet a girl and get a relationship going. If you are one among them then you are perhaps interested in learning how to get a girlfriend. Finding that special girl is not as hard as you might think as long as you know the kinds of things that girls desire from their boyfriends and the things which they hate.

Relationship Advice – Should You Try to Change Your Partner’s Habits?

Statistically speaking, the odds of you finding someone who is exactly what you are looking for are minute… at best. No matter how darling they may be in your eyes, there are bound to be little things the love of your life does that just makes you want to run a million miles away at times. Do you overlook those bad habits, the bad whatever, in order to get the good? Or do you actually try to get rid of those annoying habits, in other words “change” the love of your life?

Can You Tame Your Hookup

Are you starting to develop feelings for your hookup and you’d like to take things to the next step? You must proceed with caution. If you push things too fast, you risk losing your hookup and that person forever. If handled delicately, however, and if you use the following tips, your hookup will be eating out of your hand and will likely develop similar feelings, allowing you two to progress to a happy, more fulfilling relationship.

Can You Escape The Friend Zone?

It happens to the best of us. You might have gone out with the person or at the very least you just met and now you’ve entered the dreaded friend zone. The rumors say that this is where dating death happens. Once you enter the friend zone, you ain’t ever getting out. Is that true? Are you destined to always be this person’s friend even though you might like a little more? While there are no guarantees, here are a few tricks you can try to persuade that person that you are much more than just friend material.

Dating After 40

So you’re over 40 and back on the dating scene. Chances are you’re not jumping for joy at the prospect of ‘putting yourself out there’ and going on those dreaded blind-dates. How are you supposed to meet someone when…

Over 60 Dating Profile

To get the online dating ball rolling you must create a great profile in order to achieve the maximum results when meeting your over 60 mate. First impressions are everything and it’s no different in the world of internet dating! Follow these simple steps to make the most out of your online profile…

How to Get Into The Right Mindset Before You Head Out On Your Date

For many people, the difference between a good date and a bad one is decided long before you even leave home. If you are in the wrong state of mind, you will have a much more difficult time connecting with another person and making a wise decision about whether this is someone that you would want to see again.

Original Married Couple Date Ideas

If none of these marriage date ideas sound compelling, you can think up your own unique ways to keep your relationship fun. Consider things you both enjoy and plan outings around them. You might catch a professional baseball game, enjoy canoeing on the river or simply invest in some bikes for healthy fun.

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