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Are You Two North Poles?

Sometimes in dating no matter what you do, you repel someone. I for one believe that some of us have negative force fields and some of us have positive force fields. And just like magnets we either attract someone or we repel someone. So when people use the cliche, the chemistry isn’t right they are actually telling the truth. Sometimes it isn’t right.

Are You Waiting at the Bus Stop for Your Date? It’s Time to Get a Car

Not literally meant, waiting at the bus stop for your date means that you are waiting for the woman of your dreams to find you. Well it’s time to pass your driving test metaphorically speaking and go to get her. You need to up the ante and begin to get to grips with life. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you, make good things happen for you.

Bump in the Road

Have you hit a bump in the road in your relationship? Maybe things are not as good as they used to be. Your sex life could be suffering as a result and your general relationship could be suffering as a result. There is no easy fix to a bump in the road but only you and your partner will know whether you are able to plough on through the bump.

Get Your Bets on But Keep Your Stakes Low

It is important in dating to get your bets on as early as possible when it comes to meeting someone. Let them know you are interested otherwise you may end up losing them altogether. However when letting them know it is very important that you keep things casual and keep the stake low. Don’t invest too much time or effort in something you are not sure is going to work.

Is He Going to Make the Grade?

When do you decide if a guy is going to make the grade? If he is going to be the one for you in the long run. Does this decision come to you in an instant, with a mistake that he may have made or does it come over a period of time in which you realize he is not the guy for you?

Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Your outlook on life maybe something that you don’t want to really share with people. But a lot of your luck in dating especially comes with your perception on life. If your glass is half empty the chances are that you won’t be able to find as many dates as those who’s glasses are half full.

Looking for Your Counterpart

In love the main thing you need to be doing is looking for your counterpart. You need to be able to find your soul mate in life to settle down and truly be happy. Whether this person is adjudged to be your counterpart by your friends and family is irrelevant. It merely depends on how deep the connection you have to each other is.

Looking Into the Open Water

Looking into the deep ocean is never a good idea. Especially as you do not know what is going to be at the bottom of the ocean. However not knowing kind of creates a huge mystery about the whole thing. The dark blue sea is open to all sorts of different interpretations.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Speed Date Event

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