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How to Make Your Heart Smart: 3 Keys to Smarter Dating: Taking the Edge Off the Dating Game

Smart hearts find the best romance and fall in love. I wanted to be a smart heart.

Physical Looks and Their Impact on Your Success to Attract Women

Physical looks are the most controversial topic hen it comes to men. Some agree that physical looks should be considered and taken care of when approaching women while a few men disagree to this. For men this issue is quite touchy. However, what exactly is the importance and impact of physical looks on a man’s chances to attract women?

12 Killer Mistakes Men Make When Trying To Pick Up Women

You go out, you try your best, you even thought that it was going well but yet, you end up home, all by yourself. If this sort of thing happens to you it’s probably because you are doing something wrong. Read the mistakes below so that next time you know where to pay attention.

Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys

Many women would dump their nice and gentlemanly boyfriends for a bad boy type. Some girls are even drawn only to this type of personality. This fact is pretty bewildering, as a woman is innately predisposed to choose a man who can provide her a sense of security and who she can spend the rest of her life with.

How To Tell A Woman Is Ready To Be Kissed

When you’re on a date with a woman, a kiss is what a man typically expects before parting ways. But she might not be receptive and could reject you. Women, unlike men, can’t get physical instantly.

The First Date Disaster And How To Avoid It

Would you like to find out how to avoid the first date disaster that can turn that first date into the last date? Are you worried about saying or doing the wrong thing on your first date and never hearing from him again? Would you like to find out what those landmines are so you can avoid stepping on them? The first step is always about getting a date. But a first date disaster is all too common when you don’t plan beyond that date.

Dress To Kill Without Sending The Wrong Message

Have you heard the expression dress to kill and wonder what exactly that means? Do you think that you can use the way you dress to catch his eye? Do you know how to take advantage of your assets and show them off to your best advantage? Every woman has inner beauty that shines through and when it comes right down to it, it’s the inner beauty that can keep a man interested once he gets to know you. But in order to catch his eye and get him interested enough to find out more about you, you may have to dress to kill because that’s what will attract him in the first place.

How To Know What A Man’s Real Intentions Are

Are you seeing a man but find his behavior towards you confusing? Are you having trouble figuring out what his real intentions are? Would you like to know whether he is being genuine or just playing you? Sometimes it can be very difficult understanding a man. One day he may seem warm and caring, and the next cold and distant leaving you to wonder what he really thinks. But take heart because you don’t need a crystal ball to be able to tell what his real intentions are.

Is An Aquarius Man The Right Man For You?

Do you find yourself falling for an Aquarius man? Would you like to know if you are compatible with a man who is an Aquarius? Do you believe in the idea that your love life can be affected by how the stars and the planets line up? Understanding any man can be challenging and it’s no easier with an Aquarius man. But knowing that he is an Aquarius may give you some insight into his personality.

The Pros And Cons Of Getting Involved With a Married Man

Have you spent too many Saturday nights hitting the bars trying to meet a guy you might like to go out with? Do you wonder where all the nice bachelors have gone? Are you tempted to get involved with a married man because there don’t seem to be any nice available single men around? It’s so easy to let yourself get caught up in this situation. But you are asking for trouble if you allow yourself to get involved with a married man.

Signs That Your Man Is Cheating

Are you sensing that something is just not right between you and your man? Is his out of character behavior making you wonder if maybe your man is cheating on you? Do you wonder what he’s doing when he’s not at home? All of these things could be something or nothing, but the fact remains that if your man is cheating, there are some signs that may tip you off.

Falling For A “Cancer” Man

Have you fallen hard for a man and have discovered by checking the signs of the Zodiac that he’s a Cancer? Would you like to know what falling for a Cancer means for you? How can you tell if he’s fallen for you too? Like every sign of the Zodiac, a Cancer has certain personality traits that make them different from those born under other signs. If you could choose, then falling for a Cancer is a stroke of good luck.

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