Signs Your Ex Is Thinking About You

How to Make Your Man Happy – 4 Questions to See If You’re Giving Him What He Wants

Are you in a committed relationship? Do you want to stay that way? Do you know how to make your man happy by giving him what he wants and needs? If you answered “yes” to these questions, read on. By honestly answering these questions, you can see if you’re doing everything you can to make your man truly happy.

How to Love From a Long Distance – Seeing Your Long Distance Relationship Positively

Are you currently in a long distance relationship? Are you only seeing the negative in it? Are you ready to start seeing how great a long distance relationship can be? Undoubtedly, a long distance relationship is difficult and often fails. I believe that’s because people see only the negative, and fail to see that there are positive aspects of having a long distance relationship. By following these steps, you can begin to change your thinking and looking at this as a great opportunity for both of you.

Are You Always Trying To Be Too Cool?

Recently I was having a discussion with a friend of mine, and he asked me “Is it possible for a person to learn how to be cool?” I looked at my friend, who is 47 years old, and I said “This isn’t high school.You mean you want people to think that you are cool?

How to Get a Second Date With Him

You’ve manage to get him to approach you and you even manage to get the digits. So he ask you out and in the back of your mind your hoping this guy is the one that sticks around and actually turn into your future boyfriend. Well first you have to get through the first date!

How To Understand A Woman’s Body Language – Know When A Woman Is Interested In You

How well can you read someone’s body language especially a woman? It’s hard, isn’t it? If you are that type of a guy who takes years to know when a girl is in deep feelings about him, then you should read this article for as many times as possible.

Here’s How To Stay Out Of The Friend Zone

Men are very different than women; that’s why dating tips for men will differ from those for women and vice versa. But there’s one particular difference I’d like to talk to you about, so sit back, relax and…

How To Get A Guy To Love You In 3 Easy Steps

Want to know how to get a guy to love you? Being so bold with your tactics might only serve to intimidate him, and make himself deny his growing feelings for you as well. Just follow the 3 steps in this article.

Topics You Can Talk About on Your First Date

A lot of people end up without dates because they don’t know what should they talk about. This article will help couples give an idea on what to talk about.

A Senior Woman’s Secret Enticements Revealed

How to catch his eye and keep him fascinated. These are tried and true ways for a senior woman to catch a man’s attention that you won’t want to miss.

How to Be in the Dating Game As a Single Parent

We’re single parents, doomed for the rest of our lives to be alone while we watch our child 24/7. We’re not supposed to date because we don’t have time, have an extra person/s that we come with as a package, and we don’t have time for the games. Yeah, well even though we are, guess what, we ARE allowed to date. We can find time to date and navigate the dating game if we just take a few things into an account.

To Go About Unleashing Masculinity

To be masculine is one thing. To be even more masculine that you already are is something that you need to learn.

Learn the Art of Approaching Women

The art of approaching women is one which has eluded men for centuries. I once thought it was a god given talent that you had to be born with! Approaching women used to make my mouth dry, palms sweaty and pulse raise. That was until I found out that just like your golf swing, approaching women can be learned and improved every day with practice and the right knowledge!

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