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Conversation Chemistry: If Only, I Learned From This Dating Advice Book On Communication With Women

Did you know, one of the key skills that any good dating advice books will show you is communication. Here’s a fact to consider: Over 60 percent of marriages in our society ends in divorce. OVER HALF of all new marriages will fail. This is very heartbreaking for individuals, and for families. Do you know one of the most common reasons that these relationships fail? It’s because of the lack of communication, or because of toxic communication.

Three Nonverbal Signals He’ll Throw Your Way That You Don’t Want To Miss

How do you know if he likes you? If you’re like most girls, you’ve asked that question at least once in your life. You’re not alone. It really is hard to tell. There are different reasons, but it usually boils down to one or two things:

Why Should I Hire a Dating and Relationship Life Coach?

There is a lot of buzz about hiring a dating coach with the movie “Hitch” and with TV and the latest shows like, “How to Get the Guy”.  You may be considering, “Is this something that can help me?  Is it worth the money?

10 Date Ideas for Art Lovers

If the woman or man you’re dating loves art, impress them by suggesting one of the following ten activities for your next date. It’s an opportunity to see them in an environment that brings them joy. Who knows – you may even learn a thing or two about art!

5 Steps to Start Dating a Girl With Kids

When dating a girl with kids, you have to know what she wants in a brand new relationship. Her main priority is her kids and she is not the kind of person that you want to messes with if you are not serious with her. A lot of women with children would like an emotionally mature man who respects both her and her kids. Get that right and you’ve taken the initial step toward dating just one mother successfully.

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

So it’s every man’s favorite time of year again; when you’re expected to come up with an extra special and most importantly, romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day with your special lady. Whether you’re attempting to out-do yourself and your fabulous Valentine’s Day plans from last year, or are looking to sweep your new girlfriend off of her feet with your suave skills and charm, we have you covered with 10 thoughtful and romantic ways to spend this Valentine’s Day – from going out to staying in. So get planning, Romeo!

What Men Want In A Relationship – Look Within to Find the Answer

Have you struggled to figure out what men want in a relationship? Do men seem mysterious to you and you are constantly trying to figure them out? Do you think that men are hard to figure out? Have you concluded that all men want is a hot body? What men want in a relationship may surprise you and you may not need to look far to find the answer.

How to Get Over a Breakup – Steps to Start Over Again

Are you struggling to get over a recent breakup? Do you feel as though the pain and hurt of your breakup will never go away? Do you want to know how to get over a breakup?

Dealing With Rejection – How to Get Back to Living Your Life

Rejections can be tough, but it is also a part of life. Learning how to deal with it and get back on your feet is a priceless skill. If you have been shot down or recently been through a tough break up, the feeling of rejection can be overwhelming and confusing. Here is some relationship advice to help you get back to living your life again.

Internet Dating – To Pay or Not to Pay?

Internet dating is in my humble opinion one of the real success stories of the computer revolution. It is a mix of the latest technology being used to assist mankind in the most basic of human need and want – companionship. Internet dating has become such an intrinsic part of daily life that even its cost forms part of the measure of inflation. This point is interesting as there are two types of internet dating sites out there. There are those that require payment for their services and those that do not. I want to explore both types and try to come to a conclusion as to which route is best for the majority of users.

The Resurfacing Man Syndrome

Ever had a man in your life that comes and goes. He will disappear of the face of the earth and then all of a sudden he is calling again, wanting to see you. What is going on with this resurfacing man?

My Eco Friendly Dating Story – Dating, Recycling, Romance, Earth Friendly Love and Relationships

My idea of a perfect eco-friendly date. Dating, Romance, Love, Relationships, Yin and Yang of women and men. Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energy dating story.

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