Red Flag or Green Flag? | Things Guys Do That Women LOVE & HATE!

Should I Ignore Him To Get His Attention? 3 Things To Keep In Mind

Does ignoring him arouse his interest? Things to consider when choosing to ignore a guy.

Finding the Right Breed for Your Needs

Choosing the right dog breed or type of man involves the same process. Having survived many bad relationships I’ve learned a lot about the pitfalls of dating, and also that if you don’t choose wisely, it just won’t work. Here are some discoveries I’ve made along the way that I hope help you in your quest for love, written as Carly G, my love guru alias.

A Casual Relationship – Why Not Fully Committing To Your Man Can Spell Misery In Your Future

Are you thinking of entering into a casual relationship? Does having “friends-with-benefits” sound appealing to you? Think you can handle having casual sex with your emotions not getting in the way? If you are planning or thinking of trying out a casual relationship, take a minute to read on and find out if you really can handle it.

4 Dating Tips For Serious Singles

Singles looking for a serious relationship go about it in the wrong way. Some are divorced, have lost their spouse or are just starting out in the dating world. They’re uneducated and don’t know how to go about looking for a date. They hit the bars in hopes of meeting the right one just to get discouraged, frustrated and a hangover the next morning. Bars are never the answer for serious singles, as most people are looking for a night of fun. Some people in the bars are married looking for excitement because they had a fight with their spouse.

5 Tips For Dating As A Single Parent

Going through a divorce is a traumatic experience for the kids. Small kids adapt pretty well, but older ones take it hard. Kids never want to see their parents divorce, but it happens to many thousands of families. When a new love comes into the parent’s life, most kids are filled with resentment and jealousy. It is up to the parent to make the kids understand that no other person will ever take their place. Usually after a divorce the single parent gets back on her feet and decides she wants to start dating. She thinks about her time clock and worries about spending her life alone. Now that you’ve decided to check out the dating sites, there are 5 tips for dating as a single parent that you should follow.

Why Online Dating Does Not Work

Online dating does not wok simply because you remain anonymous and anybody can land a date regardless of their criminal history. They don’t check out the members and there are many fictitious profiles. The online dating sites use algorithms that are unreliable and may match you with someone that’s quite the opposite of what you’re expecting. It’s amazing how many people resort to online dating taking a chance at danger.

How You Should Dress On Your First Date

How you dress on your first date is the most important first impression. It tells a story about you, such as where you come from, how you live, the type of person you are, intelligence and education. The first thing your date sees is your clothes. When you see someone wearing old worn out clothing or a girl in a midriff blouse and short-shorts it gives you the impression she wants to get picked up or is a flirt. Your date will feel the same way. Seeing someone dressed like a hobo makes you think they’re trailer trash. That’s just a saying of course, but that’s the way people look at you.

Why Do Women Lose Interest All Of A Sudden? Learn The Top 3 Reasons Here

Why do women lose interest all of a sudden? Did she suddenly grow cold and distant on you, after what seemed to be the great beginning of a great relationship? Here are the top 3 reasons why women lose interest in a relationship — and what you MUST do about it!

How to Keep Romance In A Relationship

When starting a relationship you’re learning new things about each other. As the relationship grows, you get closer and fall in love. There is romance in the air and you’re excited about your new love. He loves the way you dress; wear your hair and the fragrance of your perfume. You keep yourself looking good for your new guy and he does the same for you. Then you get married, have kids and are busy raising a family, working and taking care of the house. So romance leaves the relationship and the marriage gets dull and boring.

How To Attract A Girl – Ways To Make Her Fall For You Without Saying A Word

Want to know how to attract a girl? Then keep this fact in mind: Only half of your conversations with a woman is verbal. The other half is physical! And in this article, you’ll learn exactly how to attract a girl… and it has nothing to do with what you say.

How To Talk To Girls – A Powerful Conversation Skill Every Man Should Learn

When you think of the phrase “how to talk to girls,” what comes into mind? Do you think of certain scenes in Hollywood and TV comedies? Be careful, because there’s a reason the TV is also called the “idiot box!” Here’s how to talk to girls the RIGHT way, using a powerful conversation skill EVERY man should learn.

How To Get A Girl – 5 Steps In Approaching Any Woman And Leaving An Unforgettable First Impression

Want to learn how to get a girl? It’s not as bad as it may sound. After all, you see single men all around you meeting new women and leaving good impressions all the time. And if you wanted to, you can, too! Here’s how to get a girl, and leave a good impression, in 5 quick steps.

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