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Is She Not Texting You Back? What You Should Do

Are you currently texting a girl who is not texting you back? What rules should you follow when it comes to this? Are you allowed to text her again, even if she isn’t your girlfriend yet, or should you just stop texting her completely? Find out what you should do if you have gone on a date with a girl, have sent her lots of text messages, but never get replies from her in return.

How to Flirt With Women Through Text

Technology has definitely changed a lot of aspects in the dating world, and sometimes, this can be a great thing. After all, it is now possible to meet women in a stress-free, fast and easy way. In fact, all you have to do is learn how to flirt with women through text and you’ve practically got an effective method on getting dates in your hands.

Texting a Girl – Tips That Will Help You Move Into the Stages of Actual Dating

Texting has become very convenient in today’s world of dating. After all, it is easy and stress-free to use. You simply have to start texting a girl after you get her number and then start talking to her through text to find out if you have anything in common. However, there is one thing that most guys from difficult later on down the road: transitioning from texting to actual dating.

Introvert-Extrovert Relationship: 3 Tips To Make It Work

Making an introvert-extrovert relationship work is quite achievable. After all, don’t opposites attract? But as fun as dealing with someone different from you is, there are times when two people just don’t see eye to eye. Here are 3 tips to help you.

No Alcohol On The First Date

First dates already have enough pressure to make a good first impression, to get over the initial discomfort, and to have a good time. Some people think meeting up for drinks on a first date can alleviate the anxiousness. Unfortunately, it has only been a disaster in my experiences.

How To Ask a Girl Out The Right Way

Learning how to ask a girl out in a way that is stylish, relaxed, confident and comfortable is usually a great challenge for most men. It can also become one of life’s most rewarding challenges when done properly (regardless of the outcome). Guys sometimes make the mistake of not asking out of fear of failure and fail to realise that women enjoy being noticed.

How To Woo A Man – 6 Power Tips

Wooing is less of an art and more of a science. Learn the secrets of men! Whether or not it is your husband, boyfriend, lover, or a seeming “Unavailable Man,” there are simple tips that every woman needs to learn in mastering how to woo a man.

What A Man Needs In Love – What Your Boyfriend REALLY Needs, No Matter What He Tells You

Do you know what a man needs in a relationship? It’s sometimes hard to tell, because men often say one thing but mean another! Men almost never tell you what they need or want, so instead of trying to figure it out yourself, read this article!

What Men Want In A Relationship – 3 Secrets Of Love Every Woman Needs To Know

If the first few dates go well, but it never turns into more, are you left wondering what men want in a relationship? Are you tired of always having to start over in your quest to share your life with someone? Have you seen other couples together and wonder how they make it work? Figuring out what men want when they get involved in a relationship may not be the mystery you think it is.

Three AMAZING Ways to Make Him Commit – How To Make A Man Love You For The Rest Of His Life

Is he dating you, but not committing to you? Most times, you’re just inches away from making him commit to a more serious, more permanent relationship with you. Here are three ways to give him that little nudge he needs!

When Do You Bring Up Divorce When Dating?

You have met someone new and everything is going along great. When do you bring up the fact that you’ve recently gone through a divorce? There is no cookie cutter answer for this question. The answer depends on you, your situation and the other person’s situation and viewpoints. The best advice anyone can give you is to bring up divorce while dating only when the time is right. If that doesn’t help, maybe the following will.

Dating Multiple People At Once Or One At A Time?

If you are lucky enough to have more than one person pining for your attention, good for you. You are amongst the rare few that can juggle more than one person and still keep their story straight. Or can you? The following will take a close look at the fun times and the not so fun times associated with solo dating as well as those that can date multiple people at one time.

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