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A Perfect Date

Being in love is beautiful but expressing your love is as difficult at times. It is very essential that you express your love. Especially in case of girls, they always expect to express your love and make them feel special.

Introducing Your Date to Your Parents

When the moment arrives for you to introduce your date to your parents you need to do all you can to ensure the situation runs as smoothly as possible. Meeting parents is often a step taken to show that your relationship is becoming more serious, therefore it is important that it goes well. Parents will always have a high standard for their children, which can make introducing your date to them very stressful for everyone involved.

Afraid Of Losing Your Friendship To Become Lovers?

When your afraid of losing your friendship to become lovers your exploring the fact that you already love this person, because who doesn’t love their friends? Is becoming lovers worth losing your friendship? Maybe you’re concerned that if it doesn’t work out you won’t be able to hang out with the group of friends you both hang out with. I’ve been there and I hope my story helps you figure it out.

How to Flirt With a Girl – Dating Advice For Men

Ever wondered exactly how to flirt with a girl? For most men, this is a total mystery. Not any more…

Healing And Hope After A Broken Heart

Many of the women who seek my guidance as a relationship coach are suffering from a broken heart. In this article I share my own broken heart story and what I learned about healing and hope.

Online Dating Tips

Wind the clock back two decades ago. Could you ever imagine looking for a special partner, date or even a companion through an electronic medium? There is always a small minority of people who are either too shy or lacking in self confidence to approach another person directly to trigger up a conversation.

5 Essential First Date Tips

For many people first dates are often awkward, tough and sometimes even down-right painful or embarrassing. There is nothing more nerve-racking than going out with someone you barely know for the very first time and not knowing what to say or how to act. These feelings are completely normal. It is only natural to feel a little nervous on that sometimes dreaded first date. Follow the 5 basic guidelines below to get you started on that first date and turn it into a pleasant experience.

Tips On Getting Love The Second Time Around

A lot of people believe that love is sweeter the second time around. But, the question is, do you?

What To Talk About With A Girl On The Phone – How to Create a Good Conversation and Set Up A Date

The previous article in this series explains what to say as soon as she answers. Now it’s about creating the right kind of conversation so it feels natural for her to want to meet you again. Then you arrange the date. Here’s how…

How To Meet Women In Nightclubs And Bars

It is always fun to see how we can meet people in any situation, especially when you understand how to connect with them. Meeting people in bars and clubs is actually not that different from meeting them during the day. The energy is definitely different though.

How to Ask a Girl to Come Back to Your Place – Dating Tips For Men

Ever been out on a date with a girl and wondered how to get her back to your place? Perhaps you tried to ask, but fumbled your words before she looked shocked and declared ‘I’m not that kind of girl’ – before promptly leaving. Here’s how to do it the right way…

First Date Mistakes That Guys Make – The Top 5 First Date Mistakes

So I got talking to a girl last night about some of her first date experiences. This girl had been on a LOT of dates (60 online dates in 3 months it turned out), yet she was able to place every single one of them into one of 5 categories. If you’ve ever had a bad first date, you might find yourself in one of these categories…

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