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How Not To Repeat Old Mistakes When Dating After Divorce

When venturing out into the world of dating again it’s important to give yourself a fresh start and avoid the problems you faced before. Follow our hands-on, tried and tested advice and enjoy dating again after divorce, while avoiding some major pitfalls.

How Playing Hard To Get Will Stop You From Just Being Friends

Women understand how to make themselves into a commodity on the dating market. They understand that anything that is worth having cannot be easy to obtain. Rare objects have more value. This psychology is what leads her to playing hard to get. Even if she is attracted to a guy, she doesn’t want to just throw herself at him. If she does, she may be perceived as too easy, and therefore not worth the time and effort. By being a hard to get commodity, she will be one worth keeping.

The Dating Devil – He’s No Mr Right!

Have you ever been on a date with a guy you thought was a real DEVIL? Sounds like you met the infamous Dating Devil and I can tell you he was not thinking about how many children he would have with you. This bad boy had other things on his mind.

Stop Being Just Her Friend – Make Her Your Lover

One of the most important ways you can attract women is by projecting a positive attitude. Women love men who exude confidence to the point that they don’t harbor any negative thoughts. Removing the negativity in, not only your life, but in your thought process can drastically improve your chances with attracting any woman you want. If you have the poise and the right attitude, turning you best friend into your lover is a snap. If you don’t, then failure lurks around the corner, and there is nothing you can do to coax her into becoming your girlfriend.

How to Re-Attract a Man! Learn What to Do in Order to Get Him Attracted to You Once Again

Are you in a situation where you know that your man has already decided that he doesn’t want you anymore? I am sure that you must be going through a series of negative emotions right now.

3 Simple Ways to Instantly Boost Your Confidence With Women

In order to successfully attract women you need to have confidence. Discover 3 simple ways to instantly become more attractive to women with these confidence skills. Read this now!

Sexting Tips to Rattle His Cage

Sexting has taken on a new meaning. It’s fast becoming about sexually suggestive texts messages and less about teen pornography. It’s one of the most fun and effective ways to flirt with your guy and get him all wound up if you do it well.

Mastering How To Approach A Woman

I have to say the toughest part of dating was approaching women. I couldn’t approach a woman let alone start a conversation. But, through thousands of approaches, I finally mastered it.

3 Shocking Types of Women You Will Meet In the Club

If you like approaching women in the club, you absolutely need to discover the secrets. The next you approach a woman in a club, make sure you know who you’re dealing with.

3 Most Powerful Techniques to Attract Women That You Can Start Using Today

You are about to discover the three most powerful techniques to attract women that ever existed. Depending on what you want, you will surely find something you can start using today. Read this now!

Five Simple Ways To Ask a Girl Out

Asking someone out, no matter the gender, can be a harrowing experience. And unfortunately even in the modern society of today most of the pressure of that ‘first move’ is left sitting on the guy’s shoulders. However boys, don’t let that love interest intimidate you or send you spiraling into nervous fits of babbling.

Relationship Advice For Women: How To Discuss Breaking Up Without Weakening Your Relationship

This relationship advice for women addresses an area that a lot of women have trouble with, which is talking about breaking up without letting it upset the man or cause harm to the relationship. The truth is, everyone thinks about it at some point in their lives. Some people try talking about it with their spouse or their partner and it just causes undue stress. The other person starts thinking, “what did I do wrong?”, “does she want to break up with me?” and other crazy things like that. It’s perfectly normal, but it does happen quite often. Here are three ways to discuss break up without weakening the relationship.

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