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Is She Shy or Not Interested – How Can You Tell

If the girl you are interested in does not look back at you when you look at her and does not play with her hair you might think that she is not interested in you because of her body language. However, this is not always the case. She might just be shy!

How Important Is a Man’s Height to Women

Are you shorter than the woman you are trying to attract? Are you taller than her? What does that woman really think about your height?

Why Do Women Love James Bond

What is it about James Bond that captures the attention of millions of females? Women often taut that the sexiest and most important thing about a man is his confidence, but what exactly makes a man appear confident? This article will deconstruct the element of James Bond that makes him attractive to women.

How to Talk to a Girl for the First Time

Maybe you don’t have a problem talking but you treat her more like a buddy, instead of a beautiful girl that you are interested in. There are some things you can do to prevent this type of humiliation from happening and learn how to talk to a girl for the first time.

Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Four Step Plan to Win an Ex Back

We’ve all been there – breaking up with an ex and then realizing that what we did was not right after all. Read on as I share to you the most effective tips in winning an ex back.

Dating Beautiful and Sexy Women

When it comes to dating any women particularly beautiful and sexy women, your self-confidence is most important. This article tells you to forget the past beliefs that don’t work. It further helps you to realise one important aspect about women so that you will adopt a new inner self and gain confidence in approaching the women you desire.

When Should You Get Engaged?

If you have been dating your boyfriend for awhile the thought has probably occurred to you: When should you get engaged? The answer to this question is different for everybody. But, there are some definite areas to consider before you commit to walking down the aisle and committing to sharing your life with the man you love.

When a Guy Withdraws

When a guy withdraws, the woman in his life is likely to feel baffled and confused. Things were going so well and when a guy withdraws it seems like it is coming out of left field. If a woman can pause long enough to get inside his heart, she can find some answers that explain his behavior. If she can understand her part in the situation, when a guy withdraws she can start to come up with some ideas about how to act during this confusing time.

Make a Man Want to Marry You

Most you want to know how they you can get a man to propose when what you should be asking is how to make a man WANT to marry you. The ideal situation if for it to be his idea to get married and his ultimate desire to get married. With the right approach, he will be begging YOU to say “I do” in no time.

Stay Out Of the “Friends” Category – Dating Advice For Men

Would you say that James Bond is a nice guy and a good friend to women? Sometimes. But only after he’s slept with them.

Will He Propose Soon?

Dating is like one long audition for the role of a lifetime – wife! The rehearsals are all over and it is now showtime! You want to know – will he propose soon and finally give you that shiny rock on your finger? Will he propose soon is a question with some subtle signs that serve as stage direction cueing you for the next scene in your romance. The signs that he is going to propose are subtle and you better find out what they are so that you don’t miss this important preview of upcoming events.

Make Her Fall In Love With You – 3 Special Secrets

Would you like to make her fall in love with you stat? What if we told you there are special secrets to making her swoon? Have you wondered what it is that would make a woman fall deeply in love with you instantaneously? This is a question on many men’s minds. Here are the secrets:

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