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How To Propose To A Filipina

It would be indeed wise to learn how to propose to a Filipina first before actually doing it. Although generally Filipino women are known to be conservative, they can also be rather mysterious. It’s really hard to tell what goes on in the mind of a Filipina, even if you claim to have known one for years.

Best First Date Ideas? Don’t Try These Clunkers!

When deciding on the best first date ideas, always look for the most intimate setting. Look at your first date as nothing more than a chance to get better acquainted. An environment of noise and distractions will not accomplish this end. Squash any ideas of romance on a first date. Those ideas are better left alone for now. Get to know her first and let her get to know you!

Creating Attraction With Women: 2 Secrets Most Men Will Never Know

Creating attraction with women is something virtually every guy on the planet wants. But does every guy get it? No. Of course not. Those that know how can float through life with supreme confidence, because they’ve got options… the power of choice. Guys that never quite figure out how to put this puzzle together end up having to settle for whatever they can get. Which group do you want to belong to?

Walk the Walk As Well As Talking the Talk

A crucial element of success with women is authenticity. By this I don’t mean, “don’t lie to her”, that’s should be a given and is another topic to be covered in a separate post.

Finding a Partner Through Online Christian Dating Portals

There are a number of dating websites on the internet. All of which cater to a variety of people.

Dating – Powerful Tools

Dating is sometimes equated with the trial and error method of going about things. Trial and error is something that may come off as expected or may not. In life, what you try and what you get out of your trial may well be two different aspects.

My Girlfriend of 6 Months

My girlfriend Summer means so much to me. I never thought I would fall for someone so fast until she came into my life.

Does She Want Me? Watch For These 3 Flirting Signs!

Let’s face it. Most guys are completely clueless in the flirting department. They seem to have zero indication when a woman is interested in them. When a woman is flirting with you and you fail to recognize the flirting signs, you have just blown any opportunity you may have had with her. She is going to think you are totally disinterested in her and move on. Let’s try to prevent that.

Suitable Places For Meeting Women

Often times, you hear a man complaining that it is hard to meet women. This is not true. There are lots of attractive women who are interested in meeting men.

How Do I Get a Girl to Like Me? 4 Seduction Techniques That Work!

How do I get a girl to like me? Men all over the world ask themselves this question nearly every day! A good place to start would be to learn the techniques of creating sexual tension. If you’re one of those whose love life has gone south, or is totally non-existent, you would do well to make an attempt to grasp this concept. Learning what sexual tension is, is first and foremost to our discussion. Have you ever met a girl who you liked but you just couldn’t figure out if she liked you? She flirted with you but also dated other guys. When you tried to flirt back, she played hard to get. Remember how you felt? That is sexual tension.

Simple Tips On Attracting Women In Clubs

Some men don’t know this, but it is relatively simple to attract women in clubs. The club is even one of the easiest places that you can meet women. This is because people go to the club to unwind and have fun.

How To Find Love (Or How to Find a Boyfriend or Girlfriend)

In my research for my new website I have been looking at the most searched romantic words on Google. One of the biggest is the word Dating, with over twenty million searches per month. One million people are searching specifically using the word love. This suggests that there are a lot of people out there who are looking for a partner.

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