Is My Ex Testing Me? | Signs Your Ex is Testing You & How to Respond

Tips on Where to Meet Women

The answer is staring one in the face. Women can be found everywhere. The answer eludes the questioner because they ask the wrong question.

Do Friends Make Better Lovers?

Do they make better long-term partners? Most couples become couples first, friends second. Is it better the other way around? I’ve been told by many, yes. But doesn’t that screw up Dating 101? You know, you meet at a party, eyes link from across the room, you’re drawn to each other, you go have coffee, talk into the night, and BAM, your dating! If you’re friends first, how does that change things?

Top Safe Internet Date Seeking Sites

It is common to be nervous, thrilled and excited when you get to see someone for the first time in person. However, bear in mind that in having a date, you need to be constantly cautious with unknown individual. Enlisted below are a few ideas on how you will secure yourself when you are in a date.

Why Women Test Men

If you’ve been interacting with a lot of attractive women, you probably realize that sometimes they do things that just seems a bit… off. For example, they’ll start acting or making a request that’s just a bit socially unacceptable.

Does Your Lack Of Self-Esteem Damage Your Dating?

Does your lack of self esteem damage your chances of dating? Perhaps it’s the other way around. Are your chances of dating often damaged by your lack of self-esteem? Do you sometimes meet a member of the opposite sex, or at least set eyes on one, and you think how marvellous it would be to know them, to take them out to dinner, (or be taken out).

All the Good Ones Are Married – Or Are They?

We have all heard the saying all good ones are married. As true as that feels after a bad date, I think it is important to remember some of the bad ones are married too. In the last four years that I have been back on the market and I think I some how ended up on the shelves of the isle where adulterers shop. Was I ignorant to this behavior when I was married. Or as married women was it safer for me to ignore it?

First Date Questions: 20 Interesting Questions All Men Can Ask On the First Date

First date questions should be one of your main areas of focus when taking her out for the first time because, let’s face it, silence on first dates is awkward. To avoid silence on the first date, do not ask close ended questions.

6 Foods to Avoid on a First Date

First dates often involve a meal. However, very little thought can go towards the food itself. The foods you eat and how you eat them reveal a lot about you. Check out list of foods to avoid on a first date if you’re keen to maintain an air of class or you’re simply hoping for a kiss.

Impress a Girl on a First Date

Congratulations, you got a date with the girl you want to impress. Job well done but it’s not over. You want to keep her interested so you must still do what you got to do to impress her.

Dating Tips for Men – It’s Time to Face What’s Wrong in Your Dating Life

Yes, it’s high time you stand and face what’s wrong with your dating life. Use these dating tips for men first to know what’s wrong with your dating life and to make it into a better one.

Dating Tips for Men – Top Three Things to Say to a Woman to Make Her Feel Attracted

I’ve tried in this article to give you the most relevant dating tips for men on what to say to a woman in a date to make her attracted. Conversation is such an essential skill you have to develop to attract women. Here are the top three things you can say to a woman to make her feel attracted:

Dating To Get Over Your Ex? Then You Need To Know This Information

Have you recently come out of a relationship, and now find yourself considering dating? For many people in your situation, it’s common to start dating again. Most of us do it to try to break out of our pain – to get our mind on something – anything but our ex.

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