Is It Ok To Be Friends With My Ex

Meet Rich Guys – How to Meet a Wealthy Man

How do you meet rich guys? Do you want to meet someone who is well off and can shower you with any gift? Where do you meet rich guys?

How to Attract a Man – Get the Man of Your Dreams

How to attract the man of your dreams? What are the right steps in trying to attract a man? Is there a right and wrong way to go about flirting and trying to attract someone you are interested in?

How To Overcome Your Shyness Around Women?

Do you often feel as if regardless of how hard you try you are unable to approach a woman and talk to her? Do you feel as if it is driving you crazy simply because it is keeping you away from being with a woman? Well if you suffer from shyness around women then the good news is that it is something which can be overcome provided that you know how to go about doing so. The important thing you need to understand is that it is all about confidence and it is all about taking the first step for most people once they get past that first step everything from then on is easy.

How To Pass A Woman’s Ultimate Test?

Now many guys may not already know this but once you get involved with a girl / woman you will later need to pass a number of tests she throws at you. These tests are designed for her to endure that you are really a sincere and a serious person. However, when caught off guard many guys will fail this test with the end result being a girl who is no longer interested in them. But if you know how to spot these tests you will know exactly how to react and respond to them.

Is The Girl You Like Really Noticing You? What To Do If She Is Not?

This question has been asked by many guys for ages but without any satisfactory answers being given by most of the so called relationship gurus out there. Knowing if a girl is noticing you can be difficult particularly since every girl has their own way of looking for and at guys. But having said that there are a few tell tale signs which are pretty much the same across the majority of girls out there. However, it is also important to be brutally honest with yourself, if you see that a girl is not noticing you it shouldn’t become an ego problem but instead methods should be used in order for her to take notice of you.

Signs of an Affair – What to Look Out For

Is your partner having an affair? Do you suspect you partner of having an affair, but you don’t know if you are reading the signs correctly? What are the signs of an affair?

Coming to Terms With Dating Conflict – Learn to Handle the Bad Times to Get Through to the Good

How often does dating go the way you want it to? How long before the cracks start to appear in your cosy new relationship? When you find yourself in conflict with the new man in your life early on, things can quickly start to go wrong. If you find that dating regularly turns into emotional turmoil which normally leads to the end of your new relationship then this article is for you.

Romantic Ways To Ask A Girl Out And Get That Date

Having trouble getting a date? Why don’t you try coming up with more romantic ways to ask a girl out? Read this article and find out how.

Creative Ways To Ask A Boy Out Without Telling Him Directly

These days, it’s not all too uncommon to find girls coming up with the most creative ways to ask a boy out. This article shows you 3 of the most unique ways you’ve probably never heard of before.

How Do I Move on From a Relationship?

Does moving on from a relationship need so much effort? How do I move on from a relationship? Jennifer’s boyfriend broke up with her three months ago, but she still can’t move on. She believes she will not be able to attract someone else as she feels he is the perfect guy for her, so she keeps reminiscing about the happy times the two shared together.

Should You Be Mysterious Or Open Around A New Girlfriend?

Over the past few years there have been tons of articles which advised men to maintain a bit of mystery about themselves in order to get a women involved. But on the contrary there were many other articles which contradicted that men should be open about themselves and their lives so that women can trust them. Today these contradicting articles and advice columns have confused a new generation of men who do not know how to pursue a girl. Many men follow advice columns as if they were handbooks and fail miserably since they are missing two important elements i.e. personality and individuality. In this article we will explore exactly when men need to be open and when it is best to stay mysterious.

The Right Way To Get A Girl’s Number

Now you have probably been looking at this girl for quite some time now and you are thinking to yourself how will you go about getting her phone number/cell phone number. There are numerous ways you can go about doing this but before you go into any of those techniques you need to understand that the phone number should only be used in order to get close to her, in order to speak to her. While we advocate that the best approach is always the straight forward approach to speaking to a girl we do acknowledge that there may be cases in which giving them a call may also be a good idea.

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