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How Long Should I Wait Before Having Sex With a Guy?

The etiquette of dating and sex is a minefield, so it can be difficult to judge how long to wait before sleeping a guy. On the one hand, you are both adults, but on the other, you don’t want him to think you are “easy”. So what are the first time sex rules and is waiting three dates really a foolproof rule?

5 Mind Blowing Flirting Tips To Get Your Dream Girl

Flirting is the act of been creative with your communication. Usually this creativity sets in when you find yourself attracted to a girl; it’s just like a time bomb waiting for the set time to go off. Flirting is supposed to be natural and easy but in a situation where it becomes difficult for you and you need somebody to help you, that is where I come in. Over the past five years I have studied human behavior and how it works. So I have taken out time to share some of my findings with you. Read this article to the end to uncover some mind-blowing flirting tips for guys.

4 First Date Tips For Men

These first date tips will give you a great advantage over other guys while you’re on first dates with girls. It’s important you arrive with a plan and a backup plan.

Rule of the Changing Age Difference

This theory indicates how the way we interpret age becomes increasingly different over time. It happens in every single lifetime and is part of our core behavior and thoughts, just like the desire to take care of young ones. Allow me to explain this theory using a short story about two people.

How to Attract a Date With Your Personality?

Everyone wants to attract a date with cheesy or funny lines or jokes. Everyone clearly admires looks but it is also important to remember that apart from looks, you can attract your date with your pleasing personality, your body language, way of communication and the confidence with which you carry yourself in public. It is important to look good and clean but that alone is not enough. When dating, both the partners will be trying to attract a date and impress each other.

How To Seduce Women – Direct Openers And What They Teach You

When you’re learning how to seduce women, it’s really important to learn direct game. Some teachers shy away from this method because they say it doesn’t work. It definitely works, but it all depends on the situation. It’s important to have this tool in your toolbox.

How To Seduce Women That Are Nines And Tens

‘Nines’ and ‘tens’ are at the top of the scale of hotness for women. When you want to know how to seduce women in this range, you’ve really got to understand their psychology and how their minds work. Here are some things long experience has taught me about this special class of women.

Pick Up Artist Techniques – Closing The Direct Opener

The direct opener is one of the best pick-up artist techniques known to man. Although it’s little understood by most guys, it’s a powerful method for meeting girls. You just walk right up and tell them, ‘Hey, I know this is really random, but you’re cute and I wanted to meet you.’ When it works, it really works.

Pick Up Artist Techniques – The Benefits Of Direct Game

Lots of guys say that direct game pick up techniques aren’t worth studying. However, there are lots of benefits that they don’t realize. Direct game has both internal and external benefits. You should definitely have these pick up techniques in your repertoire.

How To Get Your Girlfriend Back And Keep Her Back For Good!

Going through a breakup isn’t easy or there wouldn’t be so many e-books, forums and complete programs on how to get your girlfriend back. You might find yourself always making the same mistakes, or you may not know at all why you can’t stay in a relationship. So, we are going to explore common mistakes people make when their relationship gets rocky or has ended.

How To Get A Girlfriend Back Again

Many times girls left their guys because the relationship is boring. A lot of times the guy wants the girl back. He wants to know how to get a girlfriend back. This article explains why you should know how to communicate with your ex. Knowing how to talk to her, it will be easier to get her back.

3 Tips for Men to Learn How to Date a Taiwanese Woman

If you want to attract and seduce a woman from Taiwan there are several things which you must absolutely know. Dating any Asian women is different from other places in the world, but there is a specific method which works particularly well with Taiwanese women. I discuss the specifics in depth at my website and in Asian Seduction System, but for now it is important to know 3 things about dating a Taiwanese woman.

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