How Women Select Men

Do You Know How To Get The Girls? 3 Quick Checkpoints

Nearly all guys know how to get the girls, or at least that’s what they’d have you believe. But the reality is a little different.

How To Attract a Guy In Record Time Using 3 Exceptionally Powerful Psychological Tactics!

Would you like to find out the truth about what it takes to make a man feel strong attraction towards you and to have a fulfilling relationship with him? Do you want any guy you set your eyes on to fall in love with you and keep him interested in you for as long as you want? If so, pay close attention.

Tips on What to Do on a First Date

Many of us are clueless as to what to do on the first date most especially if we are not familiar with our date. It is normal to feel nervous and have all these expectations inside our mind. Some would come out as overly prepared and anxious, while some do not have any clue as to how they should go about the date.

3 Simple Steps For Approaching Beautiful Women And Always Walking Away With Their Phone Number!

If you are currently single and feel that you are generally clueless when it comes to figuring out what makes a woman’s mind tick as it relates to dating guys or how to attract the best of what the female world has to offer, you are not alone. This article will help you uncover the real truth about what kind of men women are most attracted to and specific techniques that will give you the best chance of seducing any woman you set your eyes on a consistent basis.

First Easy Date Conversation Topics

First dates are always tricky, mainly because nervous reactions are almost guaranteed. You either have to be way too experienced in order to feel completely relaxed or have a healthy dose of knowledge regarding conversation topics for first dates. Don’t worry, feeling nervous is very natural and we all experience the feeling from time to time.

You Can Date A Girl Using This Simple But Little Known Technique

If you’re looking to date a girl but you’re afraid she’ll turn you down, don’t despair. Here’s an unorthodox approach which actually works.

If You Want a Deeper Speaking Voice, Do Not Do This!

Recently I have been reading some questionable articles about the various ways in which you can gain a deeper voice and I am appalled at the number of people who are giving advice. People who have no understanding of or training in the speaking voice. In addition, their tips and tricks are wrong and can produce serious damage to the vocal folds.

Crush The Approach!

Guys, if you want to be a player, and a pick up artist than you need to learn how to crush the approach with women! How many times has this happened? Your standing next to a gorgeous girl at a bar or coffee shop and you just wish you had the balls to say something. Time to address this dating tip for men.

Tips To Get Rid of Approach Anxiety

Talking to girls is a nerve-wracking experience. In this article, I will try to make it easier on you guys by listing a variety of ways to make it easier on you.

Overcome Fear of Rejection – One Simple Trick

There is a simple trick to help you to overcome fear of rejection. Change your view on life and separate everything that happens into two separate things.

How to Tell If Your Boyfriend Is a Player

Women often end up in relationships with Players and don’t even know it. Here’s some tell tale signs that your man is a player and should not be considered long term relationship material. If your boyfriend turns out to be a player you may be better off hitting the online dating scene to find someone new!

3 Ways To Be A Fun Date

Let me ask you – how do you act during a first date? Do you try to make the new guy like you? Do you make little romantic remarks and suggestions, trying to nudge your way closer to a relationship with him? Here’s the thing – most women do! The problem is that trying to make the first date “romantic” is a sure way to ruin your chances at a future relationship. So if you’ve been trying to make your first dates romantic, and if you’re not having much success in love, now you know why!

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