How to Make Your Ex Miss You

Quick Tips on How to Impress a Boy

You met a boy next door, and started liking him. But you don’t know if he likes you too or not. Now, you want to him to notice you, the next time you see each other. This may seem like climbing Everest at the first glance, but actually it is not!

Dating “Repeats” – Same Person, Different Packaging

Sometimes we get dating “Repeats.” That’s where we discover we are seeing our past in the present. Repeats don’t necessarily mean were embedded in our past, and stuck in ‘replay’ mode. They don’t mean we are calling in the same thing, and that all our applied work is failing. Repeats are a form of “check in.” They are meant to activate our recognition, and see if we are now clear.

The Dating “Spin Cycle”

There is a dating phenomenon I call the Spin Cycle. It’s where a potential sexual partner stirs us up to a frenzy through the onslaught of excessive attention. This exhilarating effect tosses our head in the clouds one minute, then lands on thoughts of the seducer/seductress the next minute.

For New Relationships – Keep Your Own Counsel

Unless your BFF is the Dalai Lama, keep your own counsel when a relationship is in its formative stages. It’s not that we can’t or shouldn’t talk to friends about what’s going on. It’s a question of the quality of feedback we’ll get in doing so. Each person comes with their own baggage and emotional landscape. Well-meaning friends can taint our vision of what we’re experiencing, sheerly by their perspective.

Young Women in Quest of Men – There Are Better Days to Come

When it comes to the subject of men, I know your plight. I remember the nonsense that consumed my mind in the past.

Impressing A Man On The First Date

Do you know what to do to impress a man on the first date? Are you kind of an old fashioned girl who enjoys the nice little touches of old time dating? Do you want to find a man who appreciates these same niceties? Chivalry isn’t dead even though many people would like you to believe it is. There are still lots of guys out there who enjoy treating a woman well and they will if given a chance. But if you want to impress a man on the first date, there are things you can do too.

Decoding Men – What Do They Need?

Have you been thinking lately that it takes some elaborate code to figure men out? Do men seem like this mysterious race to you? Are you constantly losing sleep over how to please men? Well, what you are about to read will take the pressure off and give you a new angle from which to view things. This is what men need:

Converting Your Best Buddy Into Your Boyfriend – How to Make Him Fall for You

Have you been wondering for a long time now how to convert your best buddy into your boyfriend? Have you been feeling emotions for your best friend that you think you ought not to? What can you do to find out whether he reciprocates your feelings? Wow! This is one tricky situation. For most people, but not for you because you have us to help you! We are on your side and want the best outcome to this situation. Read on for some fabulous tips!

Control Jealousy – Some Easy Ways

Do you wonder whether you will ever be able to control your jealousy? Do you suffer from jealous fits over seemingly innocuous things? Would you like to be done with jealousy for good? You’re in luck! You are about to find out ways you might never have heard of before. If you have, it obviously hasn’t affected you; it’s time for a refresher course. Maybe our words will. This is how you do it.

Connecting With a Man – How to Be Irresistible to Him

Would you like to know how to connect with a man on a deeper level? Would you like to be seen by a man as being irresistible? Are you just about tired of the same old same old when it comes to making a connection? Yes, you sure have come to the right place! Find out here how to connect with a man on the deepest level possible.

Discover Men’s Needs – What Does a Man Want in a Relationship?

Do you wish you could discover what a man needs? Do you often sit and wonder what exactly it is that men want? Has this question stumped you, time and again? If you have been feeling a sense of failure in the arena of relationships, it can all change now, right this minute! Here are some insights into what a man wants in a relationship:

Steal The Heart Of A Country Boy – Make Him Fall In Love

Do you want to love like Johnny and June? Need tips on snaggin’ that country boy’s heart? Take a gander. First of all, you need to be sure that he is interested in you before you go chasin’ em around town makin’ yourself look like a damn fool. Now, once you’ve found that boy that you think could be your Huckleberry, use these tips to make him fall head over heels for you:

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