How to Know If My Ex Has Moved On

How To Get A GF: 6 Simple Tips To Getting A Girlfriend

If you want to get a girlfriend then its crucial her friends like you. These are the people who will be giving her advice on guys and who she should date. If they like you then they will talk you up and get the girl to like you. If you have taken the time and made an effort to get to know a girl’s friends she will appreciate that and realize you are serious about her.

3 Reasons Why She Won’t Date YOU

Some of you may be thinking I know exactly why she won’t date me. You think things like: I’m not super rich, good looking, and I still live with my parents. As you think these things, you might even start to feel a little anger, resentment or frustration well up inside you. Some thoughts that may cross your mind are, “What makes women think that they can be so entitled?” or “Why are women so superficial?” And, the last thought that might run through your mind is, “I might as well put off dating women until I get super rich, good looking, and get my own place.” But you don’t like that thought because what you want is a woman right now. What you want is to have the key to being successful with women right now. In fact, you wanted it yesterday.

How To Get The Girl: 10 Simple Rules To Getting The Girl

There are three options when you like a girl, you go for it and you either succeed or you don’t and then there is the third and worst option available which is to do nothing, because then you live your life thinking ‘what if.’ So you have got to go for it. Now you have accepted that, here are 10 simple rules to help you get your dream girl.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: 6 Tips to Help You Start Moving On

The post-breakup feeling is something no one enjoys going through, and most people will do anything to ease the pain. The steps to happiness are more simple than one would think. Just a few good habits repeated daily can go a long way, and will have you moved on before you know it, you just have to commit.

Dating During A Divorce (or Separation)

You need time to process what’s happened, learn from it, and grow as an individual before you get involved in another romantic relationship. A variety of reasons exist for why men decide to start dating immediately after their wife has moved out.

What to Say When He Says I Love You

Hearing the guy you’ve been dating say the words “I love you” for the first time can be a real shock… especially when you are still in the stage of figuring out what you really think and feel about this man – whether he’s the right one for you, whether you can see a future together with him…

How to Create Rapport With a Woman and Keep It Going

If you’re a serious minded guy and you know that sex is not the ultimate goal, you’re exactly what most of the women in the dating scene are looking for. But this does not mean that women, especially the hot, in-demand ones, would automatically fall for you just because of your good intentions. It does not work that way.

The Handkerchief – Just Plain Old Fashioned Or A Modern Necessity?

It’s been said, that a man should never go out of the house without a handkerchief on him. Why, you ask? Well it turns out that, even in our modern world, there are various situations wherein having a handkerchief does come in pretty handy.

4 Easy Steps To Having Success With Women

Most guys think that if they want to have success with women that they must be rich and or super handsome. The truth is there are other factors that fall into play when attracting women, here are a 4 tips that every guy who has success with women shares.

I Can’t Get Him To Like Me? You’ve Tried Everything, But Here Is Why You Are Miserably Failing!

You love this guy. He is great, he is amazing, and he constantly impresses you. He is so beautiful, and would be the perfect catch. Yet, no matter how hard you try, and no matter what you do, nothing seems to work. He doesn’t listen, and in fact, you kind of creep him out. You feel bad, because you don’t want to scare him away… but have you ever sat and thought about…

Why Does He Run Away? 5 In-Your-Face Reasons Why Men Run, Hide, And Literally Avoid You!

Do you seem to chase away any (and every) guy who you have an interest in? Do men seem to ultimately avoid you, and literally make intense efforts to make you go away? Are you the woman that men are LITERALLY afraid of?

How To Make A Man Love You? 2 Simple Facts Most Women Never Learn About Making A Man Fall In Love

You want him to want you for more than just trivial matters, like physical intimacy. In fact, you want him to stay and commit, and moreover you need him to love you, and want to be with you… not just for a few moments, but indefinitely. But how do you bring a guy to a stage where he is confessing his love? How do you truly make a man love you?

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