How To Impress My Ex: TRY THIS!

Looking For Someone – A Positive Approach

Are you looking for someone to make you happy? Someone to, ‘complete’ you? Or, are you there already and simply want some company!?

Why Do Women Love Confident Men

Most people are usually shy in one way or the other even though some may claim that they are never shy. Shyness is always when an individual is afraid of the outcome of their actions and they are paralyzed to the level that they are never free to do whatever thing they may want to do.

Robert Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love

You would think that after thousands of years people would have figured out exactly what love is. This is not the case, though. In fact, it seems the more we know scientifically, the less we actually know about love and how it works. It should be simple. Almost everyone loves someone, and almost everyone is loved back, yet it remains as much of a mystery as if we just discovered it right now.

The Importance of Having Dating Standards

  People are social creatures and generally do not want to be alone. It is well documented that couples have an overall longer lifespan than their single counterparts. Couples usually report a higher standard of living and more emotional satisfaction and well being.

Why Do Older Men Like Younger Women?

This is a question that people have been trying to answer for decades. The reason that there are no solid answers to the question is because the reasoning varies from one many to the next.

What Every Man Ought To Know About Attracting Women With Body Language

The number one thing you want to learn about confident posture is TAKE UP SPACE. Confident men take up space. Don’t be afraid to spread your body out, open up your posture.

Why Do Couples Lie to Each Other?

Whether it’s a fib, a tall tale or you’re just stretching the truth there’s no denying it, we all lie; whether it’s lying to bosses or children, co-workers or clients studies show that people spend on average one tenth of every day telling porkies. No one really minds the fabricated excuse for why you haven’t done your homework or that reassuring compliment you give your friend when she gets a hideous haircut, but lying in relationships is a risky business and can have serious repercussions. Despite the age old stereotype studies show that generally…

The Bad-Boy Meter – Dating Advice For Women

You don’t have to give up bad boys, says one dating coach. Just pick the right ones.

How I Started Attracting Beautiful Women With Confidence

Attracting women doesn’t have to make you nervous. If you know how to display the character traits that they respond to it is very easy. This article shows you how.

How To Use Confidence As A Guide To Pick Up Women

The Best Way To Attract Women. Easily attract any woman that you are interested in.

Tired of Dating? It’s Time to Go Online

There is no manual provided to young persons to explain the complex social and psychological underpinnings of choosing a mate. Online dating provides a venue for meeting and evaluation of prospective partners. With patience online dating provides a vehicle to cull, review and select while avoiding the pitfalls of impulsive acquisitions.

What Attracts a Man to a Woman

Let’s ponder the age old question of what attracts a man to a woman? Of course, physical attraction is an important part of the puzzle, more so for a man than a woman. One can not speak for everybody, but, in general, people are drawn to three important physical attributes in a mate.

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