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Even the Most Popular Dating Tips Will NOT Help Your Relationships – Getting to Know Yourself Will!

If you are on the dating scene wishing to find a partner with whom to develop a successful relationship, you have probably listened to many dating tips. If you still haven’t succeeded in developing a satisfying intimacy, apparently none of these tips has helped you to understand how you sabotage yourself.

Dating While Parenting a Toddler

Single parents have the right and deserve to be in a loving relationship just like anyone else. With preparation and well-defined priorities, you can enjoy a blissful relationship without compromising your role as a parent.

Organising Your Own Adult Dating or Swingers Party

Hosting your own adult parties could be much easier than you may think and as well as providing you with guaranteed regular party access, it might also generate a part time income for you. This article provides a few pointers to adult party hosting, either in your own home or by renting suitable accommodation. It also tells you about help that is available on the internet.

Six Dating Tips For Men On How To “Be Yourself”

“Being yourself” is the most confusing, confounding dating tip I’ve ever heard. It’s easy to tell people to be themselves, but if be downright frustrating to be told this. Here are six dating tips for men and women on what it means to be yourself.

Get the Girl – The 5 Most Important Rules of Successful Dating

Seems to me that there is a lot of misinformation around regarding what is good dating practice for guys. Just the other night I was out at a local restaurant with my lady enjoying my steak and a few of their finest beverages. From my vantage point against the wall I happened to have a good view of the other diners. Several of which were clearly on first dates.

Tips for the First Date Conversation

We have all experienced it before. Those dates that feel so promising and then suddenly you realize that you’re not going to get a second chance. It’s hard enough even getting the first date to start with.

Pick Up Lines To Get Girls – Grounding And Storytelling

Most guys don’t realize how much more there is to seducing women than just pick up lines to get girls. There are two concepts that are also very important, and these are grounding and storytelling.

Pickup Lines To Get Girls – It’s All About Qualification

Qualification is the key to using pickup lines to get girls. Your opener has to be good and your teasing needs to be just right, but it’s really qualification that makes it all work. I learned this when I was working on my game and using all these tactical strategies to diagnose it.

Pick Up Beautiful Women With Your Storytelling Skills

Storytelling is really powerful when you’re trying to pick up beautiful women, especially during the qualification phase of the encounter. It gives you an opportunity to tell her things about yourself.

Pick Up Beautiful Women With Hoops

I had a breakthrough on how to pick up beautiful women when I was learning about qualification. With qualification, you ask her questions about herself and then compliment her on her answer.

Pick Up Artist Techniques – Now That You Got Her Number

You’ve got her number, now what do you do? You can tell that your pick up artist techniques are really sharp if you can use them effectively over the phone. I’ve been told I’ve got the best phone game in town, and the reason for that is simple – I practiced for months and months.

Pick Up Artist Techniques – How To Reel Her In With A Large Hoop

Of all the pick up artist techniques you can learn, qualification is the most important. This is where you deepen the encounter and turn it into attraction. A great way to do this is through large hoops.

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