How To Get Your Ex Back When They Don’t Have Feelings For You

Practice Safety When Dating

Dating can be difficult. When you put on the thought of your safety it can be downright scary too. There are so many stories in the news about something bad happening and you of course don’t want to be part of this statistic.

How to Talk With Women – Some Basic Info

The first idea that you must change in your mind is the belief that women are complicated and because they are, it is almost impossible to understand what they want in a conversation. The truth is that men and women are not so different. We all want the same thing and that is to find the love that will help us become inspired to do more in life.

The Weathers of Dating

Sometimes when you are dating someone you have rainy days. You have those kinds of days where life just doesn’t quite smile upon you in a way that you would like it to. It doesn’t give you the smooth day that you were looking for. Maybe it is your fault maybe it is your partner’s fault. But it really doesn’t matter whose thought it is, all you need to remember is that there is a sunny day just around the corner.

Ways to Find Your Love Online

Still a little nervous about finding your love online? You know you haven’t had any luck finding someone special in the sea of people in the area, but you are still not sure about online dating. However, in recent years, it has become the most common ways of meeting your love as more and more people are online but have no time to actually hang out with friends in real time.

There Is Always That One Girl You Will Hold a Candle For

The heart wants what it can’t have and a lot of the times if you were to ever get what you can’t have you would become disinterested. And becoming disinterested with something is all too common nowadays, but there is always that one girl you will hold a candle for.

Open the Window to Your Life

Opening windows is the best way to get air into a stuffy room. Well metaphorically speaking you can do the same to get air back into your dating scene. Your love life has become stuffy and in need of some new impetus.

The Nightclub Is the Worst Place to Meet Someone

Meeting someone in a nightclub is the worst way to meet anyone. Meeting someone in a nightclub is in no way the best place to meet a girl. You can’t initiate a conversation with them, well not one that you can actually gain any substance from. In fact it is very difficult to even remember what the girls name is the next day.

Men Like Their Women to Be Women

Men love their women to be girly girls. It is a little known fact but they dig being able to look after their women. If a woman is too masculine and challenging in a relationship then it is a huge turn off for men. They no longer want to be associated with a woman that can challenge them mentally and even physically at times. This is why you see big muscly men with petite women.

Girl’s Drinks and Their Meanings

You can tell a girl and what she is like when she dates, by the alcoholic drink she consumes. The classier the girl the classier the drink. There is no easy way to decipher exactly what a girl drinks all the time but at the same time if you see what a girl drinks and how she drinks it. You can at least begin to divulge exactly what type of girl she is.

How to Get Over Getting Dumped FAST!

If you’ve ever been dumped by someone you love, you quickly realize that you have to find the strength within yourself to move on. How? You get over them by taking a systematic approach to repairing your heart and your life.

Dating Is a Game of Two Halves

Well the first date is possibly the hardest part for aspiring couples. You never quite know what you are going to get. You never quite know what the other person is going to be like or what they are interested in. But believe me when I say no matter how you feel about it, the other person feels just the same if not worse.

Cinema Dates Are the Worst

Why take a girl to the movies on the first date? If you are trying to get to know someone then why on earth would you go to the cinema? You can’t talk to each other, you sit in silence for an hour and a half and you eat smelly food, more than likely anyway. Going out the cinema is a poor effort; also it shows lack of imagination and creativity.

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