How to Get Back With an Ex Who Doesnt Have Feelings For You

How to Tell If He Likes You – Find Out If You Really Mean Something in His World

Sometimes you can be pretty confused when trying to figure out whether he really likes you or not. Actually it is easy to know if you look for certain signals and signs. Here are some easy ways to know the truth.

Why Do Guys Become Distant? 7 Prime Reasons Why Men Lose Interest in Women

It can be very disconcerting to find that your boyfriend has grown cold and distant all of a sudden. The reasons for this could be many, the most common being the ones cited below. Learn why he started to grow cold and understand why he wants to withdraw from the relationship.

Why Do Some Men Never Call? Here Are Some Quick Insights Into the Male Psyche

If a guy hasn’t called you for days then chances are that he won’t. But instead of breaking your head over why he didn’t call and feeling blue you can read on and find out why guys don’t call you after a couple of dates.

How to Keep a Guy Completely Hooked? Follow These Steps and Get Good Results

Are you in the nascent stages of seeing a guy and want to be sure that he remains interested and keeps coming back to you. If you want to be sure about him then you have to show that you are a woman worth coming back to. There are several things that you can do so that he does not wander away, some of them are:

Why Does a Man Act Nice One Day and Ignore You the Next? 7 Interesting Insights

It can be annoying and confusing if your man blows hot and cold all the time. Here are some interesting insights that decode why your man acts nice with you on one day and ignores you the next.

Why Do Boyfriends Flirt With Other Girls?

It makes you jealous and mad when he flirts with other girls. Your rationale is: he’s got a girlfriend so he should stop flirting with other girls. Unfortunately, this is usually an unspoken rule. To help you handle the situation better, here’s an explanation about why boyfriend flirt with other girls so you can figure out what to do next…

Dating Chemistry Test – What’s The Best Question To Ask A Potential Love Match?

Find out if your date is ready for a relationship by asking this question. Learn how to evaluate their response to see if you’re a compatible love match.

Woman’s Laughter Is Your Success

How do you make a woman like you? It matters not if you aren’t the lady’s man because of your looks, financial status or simply because you are too timid. You still have a chance if you use humor.

Why Boyfriends Are Controlling

He wants to know where you’re going and who you’re going with. He tells you what to do and gets upset when you don’t follow his advice. Worst of all, you can’t win in an argument and he makes you feel bad about your opinions. Is this normal boyfriend behaviour? Here are some answers to help you understand why boyfriends and controlling and what you can do about it…

Good Daters Don’t Push

There is nothing that is worse than a pushy man trying to get a woman to go out with him. Please never feel that you need to be pushy to get dates. What you are really doing is letting the woman know that you are an obnoxious jerk, and no woman is interested in getting together with a guy like that.

Valentines Day in China and Dating Chinese Girls

Do they celebrate Valentines day in China, and if so, how? Find out this, and what gifts you should give to a Chinese girlfriend or a Chinese girl you wish to attract in this article today.

One of the Flirty Games You Can Use on Women

Sometimes flirting can be a bit tricky, especially when we want to be subtle about how we do it. Check out this flirty game that you can use on your next date!

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