How To Get A Girlfriend That Stays Faithful

Why You Should Never Talk About Other Women When You’re With Women

Girls are insanely competitive, and sometimes incredibly fragile. This can make for some horrible consequences if she goes digging through your past.

Secrets Of Human Nature To Skyrocket Your Success With Women

Most people look at game, or pick up as some kind of battle. In reality, it’s a lot easier.

Seducing Her Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Her

Most guys think they’re going to “get caught” when they use game. But in reality, she wants you to be successful.

Don’t Be Barney Stinson

For those of you who watch How I Met Your Mother, you will know who Barney Stinson is. He is one of my favourite characters on the show, (at least the funniest in my opin-ee-yun). He is a loveable character and he has an awesome life.

The Wing Pick Up That Works Miracles To Create Attraction

Here’s a quick pick up “line” that can work wonders if you use it properly. It’s best used when you’re in a playful, confident mood.

The Easiest Way To Know If She Likes You

One of the biggest mysteries in seduction dating girls is knowing if she’s into you or not. After you read this article, you’ll never be confused again.

Why Your Caveman Brain Is Sabotaging Your Success With Women

Most guys would love to have more success with women. In this article you’ll learn exactly how.

The Peter Principle And Seduction And How To Avoid Rejection

There was a ground breaking book published in the 70’s about corporate management. You’ll be surprised how well this can help you seduce more girls.

How To Destroy Approach Anxiety With Mathematics

Once you’ve gotten over any approach anxiety, you’ll be able to talk to any girl you please. Imagine what that will be like?

Why You Got Dumped And How To Prevent It

Guys get dumped all the time. Often times, it comes out of the blue, but if you’re honest, you should have seen it coming.

Soulmate, Romantic Friend or Frenemy?

There is so much mystique surrounding the idea of a Soul Mate, especially in the delusional illusion idea that a Soul Mate is the romantic lead in your play. Not that a Soul Mate cannot be romantic but more times than not, a Soul Mate can come in all kinds of guises in your life. You write the scripts, you cast the players, and so amazingly you stage the performances. In the dynamics of your screenplay throughout your time continuum, you are always the central figure.

How To Screen Out Girls Interested Only In Your Wallet

Nobody likes to be taken for a ride. But sometimes, people are sneaky.

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