How To Gain The Upper Hand!

Should I Stay Friends With My Ex?

According to a recent poll, 48% of people surveyed said they remained friends with their ex partner. And 18% of those surveyed said that they tried, but it didn’t work. Can you really be friends with an old flame? Find out now…

Finding a Man Who Is Financially Secure

Are you looking to find a guy who can take care of you financially? Do you want a relationship with a man who is rich? Read this article for a few tips on where to find these guys!

How My Asian Dating Journey Began

This article strives to help men avoid the pitfalls of online Asian dating. Although there are risks to meeting Philippine women via the internet, the rewards far out weigh them.

Learn to Attract Hot Women: The Flower Myth

There have been a plethora of myths created regarding the use of flowers when courting or seducing a woman. Some believe flowers to be a sign of weakness that causes the male to end up as a “Best Friend Forever”. Other’s have said the romantic gesture is essential in separating oneself from the pack when courting or attracting a beautiful women. The simple truth is found in neither extremes. There is a precise art as to when to introduce the more orthodox gestures of affection. Used properly, attracting a woman using the gift of flowers can give you an advantage through the law of contrast and public opinion that will make seduction a whole lot easier.

Fix Your Relationship, Even If It Is on the Brink of Death

Are you trying to fix a dying relationship? There are many cases, in which women in long-term relationships feel like they have lost the romance with their partners as time went by. No matter how much you might still care about your man, a spark is still important to have, after all. Unfortunately, it can be pretty easy to get lost in busy everyday life that you end up taking each other for granted. The good news is that it is possible to fix a dying relationship – and it is very easy to do so, too.

3 Reasons Why Some Women Only Date Married Men

Some women prefer to date married men. There is often a point in a woman’s love life when she wonders if the grass might be greener on the other side, and so she opts for an adventure with a married man. Discover 3 of the top reasons why some women only date married men.

Do Men Want Their Women To Be One Of The Guys?

There is nothing new about about women attracting men by being just “one of the guys”. But how much of is that is in truth and how much of it is pure fiction? In this article, we’ll drill down and discover is being “one of the guys” is hot or not!

Finding Love Over 40

As children we continually are told love is found in fairy tales or it is gross. Hit our teenage years and we discover puppy love and love songs. We will cry over mix tapes when the relationships end and sob into our pillows, swearing we will die from the pain.

Advice When Dating Over 40

Dating is something our American counterparts seem to have down to a knack but here in the UK, we are still getting used to the idea of dating. It is only natural to feel some apprehension then when you find yourself back in the dating game.

Top 5 Ways to Meet a New Partner and Attract Love

There are many ways to meet a new partner or soul mate. One of them is by interacting with single people in bars or other social gathering places. You can choose classy bars where you are bound to meet people with interests and passions similar to yours.

How to Meet Women

How to meet women is very important when it comes to dating. It enables you to meet with women anywhere, communicate and create an instant connection even for the first time. There are many theories and gimmicks that have been put forward on how you can trigger attraction instantly.

Bring Back the Lost Love in Your Relationship

Nothing beats the sweetness and happiness that comes within the first couple of months in a relationship because the attraction and excitement of it are still fresh. However, once you get more comfortable with your boyfriend, your unrealized expectations might come to the surface and you might start fantasizing about an even better relationship. However, it is possible to bring back the lost love from those first few months. You just need to be dedicated to doing so.

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