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How to Use The Body Language to Improve Your Dating Efficiency

The body language plays an important role while dating. You need to know how to recognize the signs that your partner is giving to you. Sometimes the body language is the crucial part that determines the success of your dating experience. In this article you will learn how to recognize the important body signs of your partner and how to use the body language to have better seduction results.

Has Equality Of The Sexes Killed Dating?

While dates have traditionally provided a way of checking someone out, it seems like fewer people care. While relationships are becoming a thing of the past, equality of the sexes may very well have put the final nail in the dating coffin…

Being In Love With A Cancer Man – How To Make An Extra-Emotional Man Love You Forever

Are you dating a man born between June 22 and July 21? Congratulations — you’ve found yourself a Cancer man! Cancerians, according to astrology, are among the most loving and emotional lovers you could ever find in the dating game. You’ll need a different approach if you want to get on his good side!

The Phone As Your Secret Love Weapon – How To Make Him Feel More Interested In You With Every Call

Did you know that your phone can be your secret love weapon? It’s actually a two-edged sword — use it well and it will make your partner love you more, but use it incorrectly and it can hurt you! Learn how to use your phone to your love life’s advantage by learning the tips in this article.

Decode His Real Intentions – How To Tell If He Wants To Be Your Friend, Best Friend, Or Boyfriend

Would you like to decode his real intentions towards you? Have you often been puzzled by a man’s behavior and not been able to figure him out? And they say women are complex? Men are as much of a challenge to figure out! Luckily, we have done the groundwork for you here. Read on and become a whiz at decoding men’s real intentions!

How To Tell For Sure If He Really Wants You As His Girlfriend – Dead Giveaways You Shouldn’t Miss

Does he want you as his girlfriend or not? Does he only see you as his best friend and nothing more? A relationship like this can be incredibly frustrating! But here’s how to tell whether you should keep working on your relationship, or move on and re-start your dating life with a clean slate.

Too Much Puppy Love

I had a friend named Michelle who was dating a guy named Ross. Michelle was drop dead gorgeous and had an uncanny resemblance to Julia Roberts, knock-out figure and all. She was a model on the cover of a regional fashion magazine and a working model in South Florida when she started dating Ross.

Be “Less” of Yourself

It is important to take the less is more approach when it comes to online dating. Keep it simple and stay positive. Themes like “I have a passion for learning new things” and “I’m just so grateful for my experiences is perfect.” In addition, we should never pay for a dating website. Women who pay for dating websites are looking for their “soul mates.” They have the “prince charming” blinders on and that is no way to explore raw chemistry.

All About the Disappearing Man – Why Men Suddenly Grow Cold And Distant After A Few Weeks

Have you ever wanted to know all about the disappearing man? Perhaps you have had a boyfriend disappear on you in the past? Would you like to keep that from happening to you again? The idea of a man disappearing on you is scary. But with the right knowledge, you can avoid getting into another such situation. Here are some of the reasons why men disappear.

What Makes Him Tick LOUDEST? – Secrets To A Man’s Heart

Would you like to know what makes him tick loudest?! Have you wondered what turns men on? Would you like secret insights into the male mind? Maybe you have always mulled over this topic of what makes men tick. Sure, there is lots of literature out there on the subject of what makes men tick. But if you want to learn what makes them tick loudest you will stand apart from the crowd of women who possess only basic knowledge on this subject. So read on, it’s juicy!

The BEST Way To Let Him Know You Like Him – Make Him Notice You

Would you like to find out the best way to let him know you like him? Do you have all these feelings for him which you would like to share, if only you knew how? What is the single best way to tell him you care? There are many ways of letting a man know what you feel. In this day and age, women are very forward and don’t think twice of coming right out with it. But this doesn’t always serve the purpose and might actually work against you. I want the best for you. So I am sharing with you this information. Read on…

How to Make Him Yours Forever – How To Give Marriage A Chance In Your Future

Would you like to make him yours forever? Are you completely in love with him, but you feel this is going to be another short relationship? Every healthy woman has marriage in her mind. But here’s a tough question: Are you worth it to a man? And are you balanced and happy enough to survive married life?

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