How To Date The Alpha Female! | Top 7 A-GAME Tips!

15 Dating Tips Women Should Follow

Are you a single lady looking for the right man to be with? Do you think you look attractive to make men swarm over you? Well, if you are currently dating different men but still haven’t found the man you’ve been looking for, then below are 10 dating tips to help you out.

Love, Sex, and Social Networks: How Technology Is Affecting Our Relationships

Social networks and mobile devices are having an impact on our lives and our relationships. New technology has rapidly changed the way that we meet people, how we interact with them, and how we respond to our partners in relationships.

Discover The Perks of Dating Older Guys

As soon as guys are in their twenties, they try to snag their pretty, drop dead stunning college classmates who seem to have it all, but they find that they cannot compete with the girls’ boyfriends – wealthy, gorgeous older men who get it all: cars, luxury villas in the Bahamas and just what the girl may ask for. Swearing to themselves that they’ll own that kind of lifestyle, all these fledgling men do what they can to thrive and excel in the vicious business world only to get to the status of the much older men who…

What You Can Learn From Kim Kardashian

I know. You’re rolling your eyes and going “puhleeeez, Kim, no more tabloid fodder!” yes? Well, as you know, I’m all about conscious relating and sometimes the attention given to celebrities making really bad mistakes can become excellent teaching points for what NOT to do.

Dating and Courting Tips

Some people consider dating one of those necessary “evils” that they need to go through even though it can sometimes lead to not-too-successful experiences. However, there are those who look at dating as an opportunity to get to know other people and see if they have that chemistry that is often needed in order to pursue something more.

Boyfriend Is Pulling Away – Things You Should Do

The first few months of your relationship were bliss. The both of you did everything together and it was so much fun. However, you have lately realised that your boyfriend is not as attentive as before. Clearly, the honeymoon period is over between the both of you. Do not panic though because the magic doesn’t last forever.

What Attracts The Modern Women

Find out what attracts women. It’s actually easier than you think and if you understand what is involved you will simply master women.

How To Carry A Conversation With Women

Do you go blank when talking with a woman you have just met? If you do, then this article is for you.

The Importance of Non-Verbal Communication

No man is an island. How true is that saying? Human beings are made to form relationships with others.

How To Get A Woman To Like You In 3 Easy Steps

As a certified red-blooded male, one of the most important lessons you must learn is how to get a woman to like you. To avoid making a fool out of yourself, here are 3 simple steps you can follow.

Your Dating New Years Resolution

It is that time of year again. Time to write down all your new years resolutions that you will be breaking. That’s okay, though, because I have a secret I’m going to share with you: You’ve got 364 days and nights to avoid again having to try to get everything right in one night.

Don’t Miss a Chance With the Woman of Your Dreams

In 1854, Louis Pasteur, the French Chemist, said, in part, that “chance favors only the prepared mind.” Over 150 years later, those words still ring true. He wasn’t talking about relationships or women, but his message was clear that in any situation those who are prepared will act while those who sit on the sidelines will be left out. When it comes to women and dating, be prepared. You never know when that perfect woman will walk into your life. Don’t let chance skip past you. Prepare yourself now.

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