How RYAN GOSLING Seduces Emma Stone in Crazy, Stupid, Love

Another New Relationship? Why It Will Never Make You Happy

Another new relationship? Feels good, doesn’t it? But why will this one turn out any different? The fact is, that if you’re not happy already, then no relationship can ever make you happy. Learn the truth about happiness in relationships and why you need to be happy first for a new relationship to succeed.

How To Get A Man’s Attention And What To Do

How to get a man’s attention easily and fast. Learn exactly what to do to make him feel attracted to you now!

Relationships Between Men and Women

This is to be an article based on relationships between men and women in regards to dating/friendship websites. The differences between single men and women dictate their eligibility for dating and possible marriage.

Dating Is Now the Style of Romance in Modern Life

Dating is a trend of modern life, which is highly beneficial in selecting the spouse or getting a suitable romantic companion. It also helps people in knowing others of the society in a better way. Anyone from the teenagers to the elders can go for dating with their chosen dating partner.

The Trial, Error and Moral of Dating A Smart Witty Pistol Like Me Who May Have A Better Job Than You

The Trial: Victor. We met on a dating website, didn’t converse much before he asked me out but what I did know that I liked about him was, he was a few years younger than me, likes to dress up in costumes, and is in Marketing. I told him I only go on drinking dates so we agree to meet at a pub.

Dating Advice For Men (Relevant To Women): How Long To Wait To Contact Someone You Like?

Dating tips for men: Do not wait too long to call/text gorgeous pistols like me… I will forget your name within… read on to find out.

If You Could Write Your Own Novel About Dating, Would It Depict a Success Story?

Whether you have had many or some dating experiences, and whether you are in a bad relationship or have stopped looking for one out of despair, it is time you get a handle on what stands in your way from finding and cultivating a successful intimacy. The first step you need to take is to understand what stands in your way; how you might have sabotaged your attempts at relationships. Such understanding paves your way finding and cultivating a serious intimacy.

5 Red Flags To Look For On A First Date

Five red flags to look out for when going on a first date. This article is about key points to look at when you are on a first date with a woman.

PUA Texting: How To Engage Women

Texting is an important part of modern dating. Unfortunately most men are terrible at texting, leading with boring conversation and turning off potential mates. In this article we look at improving texting, to build a connection, and create excitement and tension that propels the interaction towards a date.

Get Him To Open Up And What Arguments Reveal About You and Your Man

Do you not know what he’s thinking because he never tells you what is going on? Get him to open up with these tricks!

How To Get Him To Be With You And Give You More Attention

How to get him to pay attention to you. It’s not easy, but it can be done. Learn today!

Why Is He Emotionally Distant? What Men Mean When They Ignore You

Why does he stop talking to me? Find out why men give women the cold shoulder and how it affects your relationship now.

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