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How to Find a Soul Mate (Five Easy Steps)

This article is not about finding a predestined “soul mate”. It is about finding a woman who you are so incredibly attracted to, so totally enamored by, so completely connected to and head over heals in love with that you ignore logic and assert with flawless belief that the two of you were created for each other and destined to be joined together now and forever as – soul mates.

How to Approach Women – The Old School Way

In the realm of self-introductions, you may expect there to be only two options: Man introduces himself to woman. Woman introduces herself to man. But this ain’t the case brother. Hidden inside these two possibilities is a very natural, very attainable and much more common middle ground.

How to Think When You Want to Attract Women

What goes on in your mind when talking to women makes a huge difference to whether or not she ends up going on a date with you. Read this now and find out how to make her want you.

How to Get a Man to Please You Without Coercing Him? Here Are Some Good Ways You Can Use

A man is sometimes clueless when it comes to the different styles or strategies of pleasing a woman. Since they don’t have the same emotional range as that of a woman, they often have a hard time recognizing whether he’s already making her happy or she’s already upset. So how do you gently prod a man to please you?

Keeping A Long-Distance Relationship Strong

Long-distance relationship. The very words are sure to elicit strong opinions. Some will point to their own strong relationships as proof that they work.

Learn to Read Women’s Flirting Signs

In today’s social situation, a lot of guys are cracking and scratching their head thinking that they do know how to flirt with girls effectively. Unfortunately, most of them have a misconception about flirting.

3 Best Strategies For Dependable Advice For Males And Relationships As Well As Dating For Love

If you would like do nearly anything, you need a plan, good quality ideas for how to carry out it, find some good advice for love. Reliable information on which you can do and things to avoid might help keep you on course. Here are three tips about dating for love and hints that may help you to reach all those goals. Following these suggestions provides you with an advantage and will raise your likelihood of success.

Effective Tips to Attract and Pick Up Hot Women

Some guys have an easy time being able to attract and pick up hot women. Others guys have a much more difficult time. If you are frustrated by your lack of success in being able to attract and date women and are looking for tips that will jumpstart your dating life and allow you to enjoy a robust dating life, here are some effective tips to attract and pick up hot women.

Get a Girlfriend the Easy Peasy Way

Many people have approached me on the streets and asked me how come my boyfriend is so ugly yet he has such a hot girlfriend like me. I know this sounds crazy but many guys or men today have got girlfriends or wives who are very gorgeous or pretty while the guys are not really the handsome type. Why is this so?

The Clock Is Ticking Away

While women might have their biological clock, ever wondered if males have such clocks too? Well perhaps most people or men might not have thought about such a question but the issue does remain. Evolution says that men just have to spread their seeds far and wide and nothing is said if they should settle down and get married before they are not too old.

Top 4 Reasons to Improve Your Dating Life

I was a lonely guy for twenty two years. I was deprived of love. (OK that sounds stupid, but these things usually start in such a way). So, I never had a girlfriend. I had never even dated. The girls I liked were way out of my league and the girls who liked me, well, they were freaks! That was when I read The 4 Elements of Game.

How to Please a Man Without Sex – The Most Awesome Ways to Satisfy Him Without Giving Him Sex

When it comes to satisfying a man, most women think that they’d have to make love to him in order to satiate his needs. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Though sex is an essential part of any relationship, it’s still wrong to think that it’s the only element that can make a man happy because there are many other ways to gratify his needs.

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