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How To Win Back Lost Love: 5 Tips To Get Your Ex Back In No Time

Want to know how to win back lost love and save your relationship? Read the 5 tips in this article to help you get your ex back.

How To Make Attractive Single Women Want to Date You

Have you ever seen a stunning woman walking in the street as you drive along the road? A woman so striking and attractive that you cannot help but stare and wish that she was your date. The moment passes by but inevitably you wonder what it would take to hold the attention of such a beautiful female or have such a woman as your girlfriend.

Get A Companion On A Plate – Join The Top On-Line Dating Websites Now!

There are plenty of online dating websites but which one to choose? This article explains the pros and the cons of the top online dating websites.

Five Foolproof Dating Tips For Men

When it comes to going out and meeting women, many males have trouble from the start and need dating tips for men. It is important for a man to present himself in a way that will help attract the most compatible woman.

How to Attract a Man: Your Inner Cat

Are you more dog-like or a cat-like in your relationships? People who like pets usually enjoy referring to themselves as either dog people or cat people. Your preference doesn’t really matter except when it comes to your ability to attract a man — which you can learn from a real expert, a cat.

Senior Dating Tips – How to Avoid Awkward Silences on a First Date

How to avoid the awkward silence? Find tips on taming this fearsome creature before it ruins your first date. You can drive it away or use it to your benefit–your choice! Read how…

Are You Doing CPR In Your Relationships?

Are you doing all the work in your relationships? Do you feel that if you didn’t make things happen everything would fall apart? I call this doing CPR in your relationship, something I was an expert in for the first 20 years of my dating life.

How to Handle Being Rejected by a Girl

Handling being rejected by a girl is much easier than societies prevailing opinion. It’s quite simple to deal with this problem and here’s why. From ancient times people had two primal needs, the need to survive and the need to spread their genes on to the next generation.

Love Spiritually

A few years back I began critically thinking about the concept of love. Now, we all grow-up intuitively understanding what love is, but I wanted to understand it intellectually, so I began to read research papers that described the physiological responses of people “in love”. Most of the clinical findings I read described the chemical reactions that occur in our brains when researchers illicit the emotion of love, but they failed to capture the implications of the response.

Tips to Make Your First Date Great!

Great news! You asked out that interesting lady and she said YES to a first date. Now the question comes, “What to do for your date?” Having a successful first date is so important because if you bomb it on the first date, you don’t have the option of saying yes or no to date number two.

Want to Be Successful at Friends Dating? – Top Online Dating Tips and Techniques for Single People

The online dating industry for singles is booming and, scores and scores of lonely singles are signing up to dating websites each week looking for new dates, friends dating and in many cases just to improve their social life. Furthermore over the last few years with the advent of social media and new mobile platforms online dating for singles has become far more versatile and accessible. For example the majority of popular dating web sites in the UK are compatible with the latest smart phones and tablets. These exciting technological changes revolutionise friends dating and the way singles can interact with new people or dates that they meet online. So in light of these changes and improvements let us examine in detail how we may utilise a number of proven dating tips and techniques to be more successful at friends dating.

Four Make or Break Dating Tips for Men

No matter how hardcore you are, there is this point in your life when the tender caresses of love will finally get a hold of your being. That particular point in time may be now. However, there is this one big problem.

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