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Are You A Manstigator On Dates?

For those of you who don’t know what a manstigator is, allow me to deconstruct the essential elements. A manstigator is someone who thinks he is so perfect in every way, that he will spend an entire conversation talking about how great he is, how much everyone likes him, and how the world would be such a boring place without him. So what about the “stigator” part of manstigator?

Want More Dates? Start Interacting With People

Let’s have some fun today. Look out your window and pretend that there’s a big dark Suburban sitting out there waiting to take you to a deserted island in the South Pacific. This is neither Jack Bauer protecting you from some evil espionage, nor is this LAX Shuttle Express taking you to Los Angeles International Airport.

How to Find True Love – Steps to Finding the Right Guy

Are you wondering how to find true love? How do you know if the guy that you are dating is the one? What are the signs of knowing if you have found true love?

Cougar Dating Advice – 5 Reasons Why Men Prefer Older Women

Do men really choose to date mature women? Of course they do, but only in recent years with the advent of high-profile relationships between older women and younger men (read: Ashton and Demi) has it become more socially acceptable. We are now in the age of the ‘Cougar’ as the older and more mature women are now so affectionately called. But what is it about these older women that younger men find so appealing?

What Happens When A One Night Stand Goes Bad

It’s a Friday night. You were feeling oh so lonely, and you finally decided to give in to the person to whom you were just not that attracted. You figured, why not?

Advice for Lovesick Women

Lovesick is a term which we get to listen every now and then. Gabrielle Roberts on this lovesick term said “Love sickness makes your heart literally ache, and love sickness gives you a knot inside your stomach. Sometimes you feel like you don’t want to wake up from sleeping or do anything for that matter.”

How to Attract a Guy – Simple Steps to Getting the Guy of Your Dreams

Are you tired of being single and want to know the best way to attract a guy? What are the steps you need to take to attract a guy? How hard is it to attract a guy?

How to Know If He Really Loves You – Does He Really Love You?

Do you want to know if he really loves you? How do you tell when a man is really in love? What are the signs that he is in love?

How to Make Your Man Love You Again – Tips on How to Get Him Back

Have you broken up with your boyfriend or husband and want to know how to make him love you again? How do you get a guy to love you again? What are the steps needed to get him to come back to you?

How to Keep a Long Distance Relationship Going – Tips for Making It Work

If your boyfriend has moved away, how do you keep the relationship alive? What are some ways to keep a long distance relationship going strong? Are all long distance relationships doomed?

Signs That He Loves Me – How to Tell If He Is in Love

How can I tell if a man really loves me? What are some signs to look for to see if he loves me? How can I tell if he really loves me or is just going through the motions?

How to Get a Guy to Want You – 4 Ways to Make Him Notice Only You

Do you want to know how to get a guy to want you? Of course, you do. That is why you are here, correct? Being a woman in this day and lifetime is hard. It is just plain hard. Mix in trying to figure out a guy, and that makes life even harder. Do not worry. There is no need to stress over what men want in women.

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