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Is A Casual Relationship For You? The Pros And Cons Of Being A Man’s “Friend With Benefits”

Is it okay to have casual relationships in this day and age? Many couples today decide to start a relationship casually, only becoming more serious about marriage and the future when they’ve “gotten used” to each other. Does this approach work? The answer might surprise you.

Steps for Safe Online Dating Part One

This article is the first part of the safety and precautions that should be taken to keep yourself safe. Online dating, like anything else can be dangerous, but with a few simple precautions you can keep yourself much safer. This article will give you the guidance to help you stay safe.

Respect Him – Why He Wants Your Respect, Support, And Trust More Than Your Love

Much has been said about how to be a good lover to your man. But did you know that your man actually wants your respect, support, and trust more than your love? Here’s what every man secretly wishes his partner knew about him.

How to Set Up the Next Date

We all know that not all men have impressive talent when it comes to setting up a date. This article will serve as their guidelines in preparing for their next date on a step-by-step manner.

Bring Him Back Fast – How To Bring Back A Boyfriend Who Got Scared Of Commitment

What do you do when your boyfriend is suddenly not answering your calls? There are many reasons for a man to suddenly grow distant in a relationship, and many ways to get him back.

A Man’s Guide for Romantic Dates

A man’s guide to planning a romantic date to capture a woman’s heart. This includes dates at home and out in public.

Is Friends-With-Benefits A Good Idea For You? The Good And Bad Sides Of Being Bed Buddies With Him

Having sex with a man who’s not your official boyfriend? Or are you trying to hold back the massive urges to give yourself to that hot guy you just met? Before you get into his pants, keep in mind of what you’ll get — and what you’ll risk losing — in a friends-with-benefits situation.

Flirting With Confidence

You may think that flirting is not for you. But it’s all part of the dating game…

The Unique Signs Of His Love: How To REALLY Tell If He Loves You, Or Just Playing With Your Feelings

Does he love you, or is he just playing with your feelings? Sometimes it’s not easy to tell, because different men have different ways to show love. But here are some signs that a man in love simply can’t hide from his woman.

Kissing 101 – The Best Way To Kiss A Guy For The First Time

Are you aware that there are unwritten rules that can apply to kissing? Would you like to learn the ins and outs of kissing and discover the best way to kiss a guy to keep him coming back for more? Do you wonder whether it’s alright for you to make the first move or should it be up to him? I bet you didn’t think that simple kissing could be so complicated. But knowing the best way to kiss a guy when you are first going out is important because you’ll want to make sure that his first impression is the right one.

Is He Interested In A Relationship? Here’s How To Tell

Have you met a guy you like so much that you are hoping to turn it into more than just casual dating? Would you like to know how to tell if he’s interested in a relationship or just out to have some fun? Are you afraid to let him know how you feel in case he doesn’t share your feelings? You don’t want to scare him away but you would like to know if he’s interested in a relationship or not.

How to Get Your Girl Back With 7 Critical Tips

If you want to get your girl back, then you should listen to your heart first. There will be many who will part with advice, but it is you who should take the final decision on how you go about to get your girl back.

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