Do NOT Believe these 5 MYTHS About Women

Dangers That You May Face at a Bar or on Blind Dates

If you are a woman and going to a bar all alone, it is very common to come across people who would want to buy you a drink. But, if you are not attentive, chances are that they may slip some drug into it. Whatever follows, it need not be mentioned here.

How to Keep a Guy Chasing You – 5 Smart Tips

Some girls take it to the extreme and pull their boyfriend’s strings by being much too difficult to please. If a man is in love with you, then he will definitely try harder. However it can only last so long until he realizes it isn’t really worth it. Now, if you want to keep a man interested and chasing you, keep these in mind:

How to Keep a Guy Interested in You – 6 Smart Girl’s Guide

A guy wants to be with a girl who is interesting and desirable, someone whom other guys want and other girls want to be like. If you know how to keep a guy interested in you, you can certainly keep him for as long as you want. Here are some smart tips on how to not get that guy to stop thinking about you:

Divorced and Dating: Seven Tips on How to Get Back Into the Scene Again

Many would ask when is the perfect moment to start dating after a divorce. The answer totally depends on the individual and how he or she manages to cope with the healing process. One thing you should keep in mind is that it is important to take your time in the process of healing. Enjoy being single for quite a while, so that you can concentrate on your life, your goals, and your future plans before you start seeing someone new. By doing so, you can assure that you already have given yourself enough time to let all the difficulties of the past relationship subside and you can declare, without hesitation, that you have moved on and are ready to meet someone new.

How to Get a Guy to Notice You – 6 Awesome Tips

Many girls have tried doing everything to get a certain guy to notice them. They spend a lot of money buying clothes and makeup to look nicer and some even send presents just so that the guy will notice them even for only a while. However, a guy’s way of thinking is usually different.

How to Get a Guy to Kiss You – 5 Hot Tips

So you are with the guy of your dreams. You may be friends or just dating and you really like him. You might also be thinking that the feeling is mutual.

How to Flirt With a Guy in a Cute and Girly Way

There’s a difference between a flamboyant flirt and a charming lady. If you have got the moves and the talk to get a guy to kiss the ground that your feet tread on, then you’re a gifted woman. However, if you are having a hard time trying to catch this guy’s eye, then these tips will help you subtly flirt your way into his heart:

Some Of The Biggest Turnoffs For Women Which Every Guy Should Be Aware Of

How often have you read or been told that “insecurity” is the biggest turnoff for the vast majority of women? Learn what the major turn offs for women are, and how to avoid them.

Some Essential Tips On How To Attract Younger Women

Many men seek to date younger women. It is not as difficult to date a younger girl as some may think. Learn the inside tips that will help you attract younger women today.

What Men Want: Understanding How the Male Mind Works

Are you adept at understanding male psychology? Are you able to read a man’s mind with ease? Do you know what men want and how to make them happy? Undoubtedly, it is difficult to understand men. In fact, if it helps you feel better, men cannot even understand themselves. No worries, though, because relationship experts know the answer to the question every woman has asked themselves at least once: ‘What do men want?”

How to Get Along With Men – The Things You Need To Know

Every woman wants to know how to get along with men and how the male mind works. Not all men may be similar, but their kind have certain similarities. Of course, every man would say they’re unique or different. None of them want to be compared to another guy because they don’t realize or refuse to believe that similarities do exist among them. Take a peek into the male brain and learn how to get along with men here.

How the Male Mind Works: Get Him To Fall For You Fast

Have you just recently met a great guy? Do you think about him constantly? Are you dying for him to end up falling for you? Do you want to take a peek into his mind to know what makes him tick? Read on to find out how the male mind works. The first thing that you should need to know about how the male mind works is that men are visual monsters. They are keen when it comes to noticing appearances, so it’s usually the physical aspects that get them initially attracted to a woman.

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