Convince women to have sex?

Valentine’s Day Trip Planning

Whisking your lover away for a surprise, two week long exotic getaway might seem like an incredibly romantic plan for a Valentine’s Day present however it doesn’t always work out that way. Theoretically a secretly planned trip is incredibly romantic but in reality it can frequently end up being full of difficulties which put a dampener on the vacation. Having said that, it’s possible to plan a trip for Valentine’s Day and have it end up being a truly amazing present which your significant other will recall forever.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for All the Single Ladies

For many people, being on their own on Valentine’s Day is simply no fun. Females in particular find being on their own on Valentine’s Day to be demoralizing and lonesome. Having said that, just because you’re not in a romantic relationship doesn’t mean you cannot have fun on Valentine’s Day.

A Few Ways to Dominate Your Woman

Much of relationships boils down to power and very few relationships are based on an equal balance of power, is usually the woman with more power or the man with more power and the person with the most power tends to get what they want when they want it. This article is designed to give you the inside story from a woman’s point of view on how you can dominate your woman and take control of the power in the relationship allowing you to get what you want without having to wait for it or beg. Let’s be clear when I say dominate I’m not referring to physically abusing your woman were even being negative in any way. You can dominate your woman without being a jerk, it’s all about power he or she who has the power is in the driver seat for the relationship. I’m here to tell you guys how to get your self in the driver’s seat!

Ways to Turn a Girl on While Kissing

When it comes to dating, few things are as important as the first kiss. As a woman I can tell you that we put a lot more pressure on you when it comes to kissing than you may think. Kissing says a lot about a guy and many women face how good their physical relationship with him will be solely on how good he is as a kisser. This article is designed to help you turn a girl on while kissing and help you get what you want out of your relationship with her.

Why Can’t I Meet a Nice Girl?

I hate to tell you that millions of men across America are asking themselves the same question as you are: why can’t I meet a nice girl? If you are looking to meet the woman of your dreams this article is designed to help you put things in perspective and help you get answers to the question that has been haunting you, where are all the great women at?

How to Seduce Sexy Women (Attraction Formula Explained)

Is attraction like solving a math problem? If you get the formula down, can you kill it with women? The fact is that there IS an attraction formula – and once you have mastered each aspect – you’ll wish seduction was a ‘challenge’ again. Read on.

Why You Should NEVER Impress Women (and How to Express Yourself to Them Instead)

The dating industry is filled to the brim with useless information about how to impress women. I’ll tell you right now that trying to impress women is your ticket to a life of sexual frustration (translation: no sex for you;). Here is why you should never try to impress a woman, and what you SHOULD be doing instead…

Best Way To Turn A Girl On In Public

This IS the best way to turn girl on in public. It’s easy, it works, and it doesn’t take long to perfect.

Seduction Tips For Men – How Guys Can Increase Their Chances Of Success

Key seduction tips for men that will ensure you approach women without worrying about rejection and create a good first impression. Paying attention to detail will pay dividends with women that you want to attract.

How To Improve Your Dating Life By Letting Go Of Thinking and Trusting Yourself And Your Genes

This article goes into why being dominant with women (which, for your information, is not the same thing as being domineering) all comes from having control over yourself; rather than over anyone else. The article also includes a very handy metaphor for your understanding of why, in reality, the vast majority of you are never moved by the rejection of a woman.

6 Do’s and Don’ts For the First Date – Get It Right the First Time

Now that you’ve gotten through the hardest part of the dating game, approaching the girl you’re interested, it’s time to show her that you have what it takes to follow through on the next level. Let’s look at some do’s and don’ts for your first date.

Incredible Strategies On Saving Your Relationship, When You Still Have The Ability To

Why do two people meet up to create a partnership to begin with? Fundamentally, you can say that it is simply because they wish to experience the benefits of such a common relationship, to become engaged, more productive as well as to be happier. In fact, there’s a lot more into it than that. We may, individually, have numerous top reasons to conjugate a partnership and a number of these reasons could be simply selfish.

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