Being The Right Guy At The Wrong Time!

Eye Contact for Successful Interactions With Women

Making eye contact is extremely important in order to establish rapport and a certain comfort level with a woman. Look her in the eyes and smile, be genuine, remove your sunglasses if you’re wearing them, don’t stare, then approach, and connect. And remember to take proper care of your eyes.

Ready to Date: Defining What You Want in a Relationship!

Defining your core values. Understanding what are your needs in a relationship.

Why Is It So Hard to Get a Girl’s Phone Number

Why is it so difficult for men to get a woman’s phone number, and what are good tactics and methods to make her want to give her number and want to date you? In this post we’ll discuss 3 main issues that by understanding them, you will dramatically improve your success to get a girl’s number.

Better Dating Through Chemistry

Chemistry is not as easy as if you like someone or not. It is on one of the most vital aspects of any relationship.

Awesome Dating Tips For Girls

Ladies basically are becoming trained by modern-day culture to wait around patiently for guys to approach them. However what occurs in the event that the man does not approach? Could it indicate that the woman should contemplate concerns into her own hands and carryout the approaching herself? These are some dating tips for girls who’re aiming to date guys within the soonest time possible.

What a Chinese Girl Wants

Do Chinese girls want the same thing as western girls? What do Chinese girls really want from a man and what kind of man attracts them? Find out why Chinese culture is often totally opposite to western culture and how this could be effecting her attraction to you.

Where to Meet Girls: The 40 Best Places

For guys, there are many public places to consider when it comes to deciding where to meet girls. It only takes a little creativity in knowing where to look. Here are some of them.

5 Great Date Ideas To Romance Your Love

Okay, I’m about to give you five great date ideas for free. But I’m really cheating because actually I want you to use these great date ideas all on one date. That’s right one! You see I want you to take your special someone on a date and make it so romantically and emotionally charged that they will never forget it.

New Relationships: Meeting the Representative

How often have you met someone and thought that they were perfect for you? They ask all the right questions and they say just the right things to get you interested. All of the things that you have gotten used to and tired of, aren’t a part of who they are!

Dating Polish Women

Many American men are looking for online dates. Most of their dates are not American women but women from other countries. Popular women for single American men are those from Poland.

Free Dating – What It Is All About

For those who tried to connect with new people online, the term ‘free dating’ should sound familiar. This is a common term used with those searching for suitable partners online. Now, what’s free dating?

He Says He Misses Me All the Time! Does He Mean It?

“He says he misses me all the time!” That’s such a great thing to hear from the man you adore, isn’t it? It brings your spirit up and you feel loved and cherished. Those specific words give a woman a great deal of relationship confidence because they suggest that the man you love thinks about you a lot when you two aren’t together. But does he really?

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