Beginner’s Guide To Meeting Women

Top 3 Mistakes Ladies Make That Drive Men Running and Screaming

Anything worth having is worth the effort. That is especially true in the dating game. So why do females continue to think that the best man will magically arrive, and love will suddenly take place? There are some crucial points a lady should understand when she begins dating a guy. One wrong step and she might send the man away. Below are 3 common blunders you prefer to stay away from at the beginning of a relationship if you desire to hang on to your man.

Top 10 Signs That You Have Been Friend Zoned

If there’s one thing more dreadful and frustrating than being stuck in a non-parking zone or even being stuck in the Twilight Zone is being stuck in the friend zone. Although it seems as the first two can be escaped, the friend zone is commonly believed to be inescapable. Lucky enough, that is not true.

Chinese Women Desperate for A Man?

Chinese women face a unique set of challenges when looking for a husband. Understanding their circumstances and these challenges would show that their perceived desperation does not necessarily make them inherently bad.

Successful Dating and Matchmaking Services

In this day and age, where everything has become automatic and convenient, would you entrust your relationship and possibly, future married life, to some stranger who calls himself/herself a ‘matchmaker’? Or would you give in to the lures of fast, fun and global opportunities in meeting possible partners through an online dating service?

Cultural Differences Between Thai Women and Filipina Women

Among all the regions and countries in Asia, it is perhaps safe and accurate to state that Thailand and the Philippines are two of the most popular destinations for Caucasian men looking to date or marry Asian women. If you are a white man who finds slim, caramel-colored girls with raven tresses attractive, then your girl next door might be in Bangkok or somewhere in Philippines. As it is, these two nations have the most number of memberships in online dating sites for men seeking Asian women.

3 Reasons Why American Men Look For a Filipina Wife

The heart has reasons that reason itself does not know and might never, ever understand. But there is a certain understanding as to why a lot of American men are drawn to Filipina women and why they go the extra mile looking for one to have and to hold.

How to Communicate and Attract Women Nonverbally

I have the funniest friend ever, he is social and has an amazing sense of humor but his ability to generate attraction with the opposite sex is ZERO. Don’t get me wrong, women like his sense of humor and enjoy his company but they just don’t see him in that light. Lets see what generates attraction in women and why my friend’s approach is not working…

Widower Dating: Getting Popular With Time

There were times when the thought of dating a widower could have attracted a lot of raised eyebrows. Widower dating is becoming very common these days and people have started to accept it too.

How to Get a Great Look on a Dating Profile and Attract Someone Who Really Matches You

A profile on a dating site can be compared to a profile on a job searching website – you get it wrong and you attract people who you would not be interested in or you would not attract any attention at all. Your profile picture is your chance not just to show or physical attractiveness but also to show what kind of person you are. If you use this chance wisely, you will attract people who would match your personality and, potentially, the love of your life.

10 Things Women Can Do to Hurt Their Relationship Without Knowing It

Women can hurt their relationships with men without knowing it. This is due to the vast differences between the sexes. These are some of the many things women do that can hurt their relationships with men.

The Importance of Money to Traditional Chinese Women

When finding a husband, it’s not all about the money for traditional Chinese women. It’s not about greed. It’s more about obligations and looking after one’s own family.

As Single, Should You Go On Many Dates Before Settling Down to Develop a Serious Relationship?

At times some experience with dating might be useful: meeting others; practicing listening and communicating; learning how to open-up and share, as well as getting to observe yourself and learning things about yourself you might have not known until now. But is it really so that everybody needs to date many others before settling down to develop a serious relationship?

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