Be Proactive Not Reactive & How To Handle Approach Anxiety

How Do I Kiss?

Do you ask yourself, “How do I kiss?” Do you view kissing as a ritual which needs proper techniques and methods you must follow? Or is it a spur of the moment practice for you so experiments or anything will do?

How to Get the Man You Want – Finding and Getting Mr Right

There are many women who are frustrated because they cannot get the guy they want. Sure, some of these women are in a relationship but they are not with the person they want to be with. For others, they cannot be in a relationship because they are waiting for that guy to notice them. For those who are having this dilemma, do not depend on fate alone to get the guy you want. You can actually do some things to get the man you want. We are now living in a society where it is accepted for women to make the first move. So, getting the guy you want should not be a problem. Luckily, there are many sources where you can get advice on how to get the man you want.

Simple Moves on How to Lure a Man

Attractive. This is one word that most guys would like their dates or a prospect girlfriend should be. But what does this word really mean? Being attractive has different definitions to different guys. While some guys define it as the impressive way on how a lady acts, some guys define it as being simply physically pleasing. With this, ladies are just too conscious on how to look and be attractive before a guy’s eye. If you are on the stage of finding the right guy for a real relationship or simply a regular dating buddy, here are some ways on how to lure a man effectively.

Protect Yourself From an Unhealthy Relationship

What is an unhealthy relationship? Whenever we come across the phrase “unhealthy relationship” we often wonder if we are in that state. Relationships can sometimes be toxic, so we have to always be on the lookout for signs and symptoms that we are indeed in an unhealthy relationship. What constitutes an abusive relationship?

Clueless – How to Get the Best Pieces of Advice on Love and Relationships

There is absolutely nothing wrong about seeking Love and Relationship advice. Romeo and Juliet had their fair share of love and relationship advice so why couldn’t we? When faced with challenging situations, we ask the most staggering questions, we even ask about the obvious in the quest to hang on to this crazy thing called love. And although we have our best friends, it is inevitable to still seek pieces of advice not only from family but even from strangers. Solicited or unsolicited, these pieces of advice somewhat helps us survive.

4 Ways to Find An Eligible Single Man

Read this article if you are a female tired of looking for Mr Right in all the wrong places. You may have tried clubs and pubs and be sick of the calibre on offer, so why not try one of these ideal places to find someone perfect.

The 5 Secrets to Attract Single Men

Ladies tend to get the wrong idea about men. In this article I will give you five secrets attracting Mr. Right.

The Tips To Follow To Have A Successful First Date

First dates are very exciting and if your goal is to succeed and get yourself a second date then you need to follow a few simple rules on how you need to carry yourself the entire first date. Choose the right outfit. Wear the appropriate attire for the appropriate occasion.

Why Do Men Play Games? 7 Reasons Why A Man Would Choose To Play Mind Games With Someone He Loves!

Men’s behavior at best is confusing, irritating, and just plain frustrating, because they always seem to be playing games. But why do men play games? What makes them think that playing games gets them anywhere? Here are 7 reasons why a man would choose to play mind games with someone he loves:

How To Talk To A Guy You Like: 6 Tips On Making A Conversation With Your Dream Guy

Maybe you have waited too long for the guy you like to call you but then to no avail, then perhaps it is now the time for you to do the first move and learn how to talk to a guy you like. Do not be anxious about not knowing what to do because the Internet abounds with multitudes of tips and blips on how to talk to a guy you like.

How To Understand Your Man – 5 Simple Keys To Figuring Out Exactly What He Wants And Desires!

Men WANT to be understood, but they rarely get the chance to experience that kind of acceptance from women. In fact, if there was ever something a man wanted, it is to be UNDERSTOOD, because being understood means there are less criticisms, judgments, arguments, misunderstandings, disagreements, and confusions in the relationship and in general.

Is It Safe To Ditch Old Dating Memories?

Everyone has both good and bad dates, but some of us struggle to shake off the memory of a rejection or a bad date. In this article I’ll discuss whether you should leave those bad memories behind to get ahead in dating.

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