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Fun and Original Date Ideas

Whether you are on your first date with a special individual, or if you were lucky enough to marry them, keeping dates fun and interesting is an important aspect to any relationship, new or old. While frequenting your favorite restaurant can be comforting and relaxing, sometimes it is necessary to spice things up; so get out of your comfort zone and try something new and exciting.

What to Do When Your Boyfriend Is Stressed

It’s been a particularly tough and difficult period for your boyfriend. For many reasons, he’s feeling the pressure. You wish you could help him but you feel he’s distant. Here are 3 tips and advice on what to do when your boyfriend is stressed so you can successfully navigate the both of you out of this period…

Soul Mates – Fact or Wishful Thinking?

Some people define a soul mate as someone who thinks like you, has the same tastes in food, clothing, entertainment and the like. Your soul mate also has the same outlook in life. Legend has it that soul mates came from a single soul and that they were separated eons ago. They are still constantly looking for the other and when they meet they once again become one and live happily ever after.

Flirting 101 – How to Flirt With a Guy

Go to a mall or a bar then sit in the corner with a view of the entire place. Chances are you will see this being played right before your eyes. Ever since there has been attraction between the opposite sexes there has been flirting. Nowadays you don’t even have to be of the opposite sex. Humans and animals have been flirting with each other since time began.

He Won’t Marry Me – Why?

The two of you have been an “item” for quite some time now. Mom and Dad like him and you think that his parents like you as well. In fact, just about everyone you know thinks or expects that wedding bells are just around the corner. As for the two of you, things seem to be going okay or at least that’s what you think. There haven’t been any major fights and things are going quite well. So why hasn’t he popped the question? Why hasn’t the relationship gone to the next level? When you ask him about it, he either changes the subject or says that he’s too busy to talk about it right now or simply avoids the subject altogether. So what gives? Why won’t he marry you?

Moving In With Him – Are You Ready to Move In With Him?

You’ve been dating for quite some time and your boyfriend just asked if you wanted to move in with him. You think that it is a great idea but you are still wondering if it really is. Is there a way to know if you are ready to move in with him? How can you tell if moving in with him is too soon or it is just right? If these are some of the questions that you are asking yourself then there are more questions that you need to answer and find out if you are moving in with him to soon or not.

Get Yourself Together – Get Over a Heartbreak

You just lost the love your life over a big fight or maybe because he had someone else and that broke your heart big time. How do you deal with the situation? We see and handle things differently. There are some things and people that we can easily let go while there are some that take a lifetime to get over with. So how do you get yourself together after he breaks your heart? Let me tell you about how I got over the greatest heartbreak of my life.

Top 3 Ways To Show A Guy You’re Interested

Would you like to know how to show a guy you’re interested, so he actually pays attention? Are you concerned that your words or actions are driving him away instead of drawing him to you? Do you realize that there is a right way and a wrong way to show a guy you’re interested? If what you’re doing isn’t working, then it may be time to try something new. Here are the top three ways to show him you are interested.

Playing Hard To Get Is No Game

Are you mixed up about what it’s going to take to get him interested in you? If you’re playing hard to get, is it working? Would you like to be able to polish up your dating skills? Playing hard to get is no game, and unfortunately, there are many women who have learned that lesson the hard way.

What Are Your Love Triggers?

When a man is looking for love, what kind of things draw him to a woman? Are you aware of what your love triggers are? Are you taking advantage of love triggers to find a special man to love? You can become that woman that a man will fall in love with. But he may need a little nudge. You can push him over the cliff if you use your love triggers on him.

Ending A “Friends With Benefits” Relationship

Have you ever been involved in a “friends with benefits” relationship? Did you think you could handle it, but now find yourself falling in love? Are you in despair because he doesn’t share the real feelings you have for him? Do you find yourself unable to get him out of your mind and missing him as soon as he leaves your bed? If so, you need to figure out how to get yourself out of this “friends with benefits” situation, and do it quickly.

Take Charge Of Your Environment – Dating Advice For Men

Nobody likes to be ignored. So, how does a man turn heads when he walks into a room? Start by taking charge.

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